Quicker British Christmas Fruit Cake

This Quicker British Christmas Fruit Cake, is my last minute Christmas cake, that can be made & decorated in Christmas week. Detailed tutorial for this fruit cake, including decorating with marzipan, royal icing & handmade trees. Also includes some alternative easy & quick decorating ideas, for that last minute, rushed bake! Why Make This Quicker […]

Quicker Turkish Cheese Filled Rolls -Poğaça

These quicker Turkish cheese filled rolls – Poğaça being their Turkish name, are my version of this popular bake, still yeast-based, but using a slightly different technique to speed up the process. Classic versions are filled with Turkish white cheese (peynir) and flat leaf parsley (maydanoz), but I also make my Scottish version, filled with […]

90 Minute Wholemeal Cheese Pizza (Quicker Pizza)

90 Minute Wholemeal Pizza – here’s my popular pizza recipe, using the quicker method for working with yeast dough. It can be made with partly wholemeal flour, or 100% white flour & can be used to make thin or deep crust. Recipe in grams, ounces & cup measurements, with easy download or sharing options included.

Traditional British Scones In The Air Fryer

My popular British Scones can easily be made in an air fryer, provided you stick to my tips for a successful rise. No matter how small your air fryer, you too can make these scones. With added bonuses of the fryer using less power, saving money & not making the kitchen hot so you can […]

Tea Party Recipes & Coronation Ideas

This is my Tea Party Recipes & Coronation Ideas page. Use me, a flame-haired Scot, as your guide to providing a template to which recipes would make a great tea party. The true authentic British recipes, which will also be perfect for a big or small, coronation party too. Do this on a budget, using […]

Classic Victoria Sandwich Cake For Beginners

Let me guide you in making Classic Victoria Sandwich Cake for beginners, but also for those who struggle to get the perfect rise, and light open texture this British iconic cake has. Fill just with jam, or add berries and whipped cream. Includes lots of tips along the way, as well as how to stop […]