Chocolate & Pumpkin Bundt Cake Recipe Review

Review Of Anna Olson’s Chocolate & Pumpkin Bundt Cake By Caro Here is my review of Anna Olson’s Chocolate & Pumpkin Bundt Cake recipe. Includes how to make your own homemade pumpkin puree & ideas for using every part of the pumpkin for no food waste. This chocolate & pumpkin bundt cake is a recipe […]


I am updating this page with Halloween & Autum/Fall recipes, from the old website as well as adding some new ones never published before. So click below for which ever section you will like to look at. Autumn/Fall & Halloween Baking How To Have A Food Waste-Free Halloween Roasted Flavoured Pumpkin Seeds Try my recipe […]

Chocolate Appreciation – ‘Food Of The Gods’

This is my Chocolate Appreciation post, for reading a little about Chocolate & cocoa pods, and how we can use in our baking. Known as ‘Food of The Gods’, this universally loved ingredient is a must have for bakers. Chocolate Appreciation ‘Food Of The Gods’ EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE By Caro Our Love Of Chocolate Chocolate is […]


Here are some easy recipes for Father’s Day. More will be added from the old website, but takes time. This will include a Kids Section like before. But most of these recipes can be made by older kids or younger ones supervised. SAVOURY SNACKS FOR DAD Lots of Dads prefer a savoury treat to a […]

Picnic Worthy Bakes

Picnic Worthy Bakes By Caro PICNIC TIME!! Here are all my current picnic worthy bakes, for anytime you want to enjoy some home baked sweet and savoury snacks & finger foods, on the go. 2 Hour Turkish Cheese Filled Rolls – Poğaça Quick Cheese Puff Pastry Swirls Here’s my simple recipe for making Quick Cheese […]

International Tea Day, National Tea Day- What To Bake?

International Tea Day, is Sunday 21st May this year (2023), and National Tea Day in the UK, on Friday 21st April (2023). What better to accompany your cuppa, than to have some home baked British goodies?? Not just some classic bakes, but easy bakes for beginners too. International Tea Day National Tea Day (UK) Classic […]


There are so many different ‘food days’ each year, and they even vary from country to country – some national and some world wide. For a list of all days applicable to use bakers, go to my list of ‘Food Days For Food Bloggers & Bakers 2021’. Below are some of those food days and any recipes or reviews I have on that particular food or bake.

Mother’s Day Recipes

Mother’s Day Recipes By Caro Here you will find various recipes, sweet & savoury, easy & more difficult. A lot of which, as suitable as a thank you gift for Mother’s Day. In the UK it is on Sunday 19th March 2023, & in the States & other countries, 14th May 2023. All recipes include […]