Tropical Pineapple Coconut Cake Truffles With Leftovers

Tropical Pineapple Coconut Cake Truffles, are my easy recipe using leftovers. Leftover Christmas fruit cake, cookies & coconut. No need for buttercream frosting or cream cheese, these cake truffles, can be made from pantry staples. Make beautiful handmade Valentine’s, Christmas or birthday gifts and taste amazing. Pineapple And Coconut Cake Truffles Easy Cake Balls Using […]

Chocolate Coconut Scottish Shortbread

Using my Traditional Scottish Shortbread recipe, I developed this chocolate and coconut version, with just a hint of anise! Still with the same melt in the mouth texture, I have been told my shortbread is so much better than a certain popular brand you can buy! So if you love my shortbread recipe, the next experience is the Chocolate Coconut Scottish Shortbread.

The Biscuit Bitedown

The Biscuit Bitedown All The Biscuit & Cookie Recipes You Will Need By Caro Biscuit Bitedown – All The Biscuit & Cookie Recipes You Will Need. Thorough recipes, and in grams, ounces & cup measurements as standard. What Are Biscuits & Cookies? Biscuits, (not to be confused with American biscuits, but rather the UK name […]

Mary Berry’s Easter Biscuits – Recipe Review

MARY BERRY’S EASTER BISCUITS A Recipe Review By Diana Watkins These buttery lemon biscuits are so easy to make, take little time and also make a lovely gift. Where To Find The Recipe This recipe featured on Mary Berry’s program, “Mary Berry’s Easter Feast” on BBC Food . (If you look online you can view it), […]


It’s National Cookie Day so why not make some for yourself or gift them? Many cookies can be frozen undecorated so a perfect bake. Here’s a link to my cookies, from simple to more complex, ones for the holiday season and even includes some gluten free ones too. I am having to run it through […]