World Baking Day Recipes

World Baking Day Recipes By Caro 17th May 2022 marks World Baking Day! Yeh! Now every single day should be Baking Day, but it’s still great that there is a day to recognise and promote the beauty that is baking. History shows that baking might have been around for more than 14 thousand years.  And […]

Yeast Conversion Tables

Yeast Conversion Tables Different Forms Of Baking Yeast By Caro Here are my yeast conversion tables. Use to know how much yeast to use, if you have a different form of yeast, than the recipe suggests. Knowing the correct amount, can make the difference between a bread that is dense & gummy, and a well-risen […]

90 Minute Burger Buns

90 Minute Burger Buns By Caro If you want to make fresh rolls or burger buns, but don’t have the time for the usual 3 – 4 hours for normal yeast-based recipes, you should try this recipe for 90 Minute Burger Buns. Thorough instructions, measurements in grams, ounces & cups, and they taste great too! […]

Turkish Ramadan Bread – Ramazan Pidesi In 2hrs

Turkish Ramadan Bread – Ramazan Pidesi Special Ramadan Bread In 2 Hours By Caro Turkish Ramadan Bread, or Ramazan Pidesi is a special bread from Turkey, pronounced ‘Ra-ma-zan Pee-de-see’ & is often made during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting from dawn till dusk. What Is Ramazan Pidesi? Ramazan Pidesi is a special bread […]