Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes With Easter Surprise Inside

These mini chocolate bundt cakes with Easter surprise, are perfect for Spring baking and gifting. An easy & quick chocolate orange bundt cake recipe, that is egg & butter-free (and can be vegan too). Topped with a simple chocolate orange glaze that you can add some Baileys Orange Truffle liqueur too (if you like), to […]

Mini Carrot Bundt Cakes

Mini Carrot Bundt Cakes By Caro Mini Carrot Bundt Cakes are a smaller scale version of my classic Carrot cake, perfectly paired with an orange cream cheese frosting. Perfect for Easter and Spring simple baking & using up those mini Easter eggs. WHY MAKE THIS CAKE? 1. Simple To Make/No Knowledge Required 2. Quick to […]

Egg & Butter Free Chocolate Layer Cake

Egg & Butter Free Chocolate Layer Cake, is a super simple & quick recipe & one you can whip up with whatever you have in the cupboard or fridge. Very versatile, it can be used in different ways & made Vegan, dairy-free, egg-free & lactose free. A great base chocolate layer cake, sandwich with cream, jam & fresh fruit – or whatever you like!

Pineapple & Coconut Banana Bread

Pineapple & Coconut Banana Bread is my tropical version of well loved Banana Bread. February 23rd 2022 marks Banana Bread Day so I thought it fitting to reveal my new recipe with pineapple, citrus and coconut, transforming this well loved bake into a truly tropical experience!

Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins -With Chocolate Pudding

CHOCOLATE PUMPKIN MUFFINS With Chocolate Pudding By Caro Try this new recipe for muffins, with pumpkin and all the spices that resonate Fall, but with a special ingredient of chocolate pudding! Instead of chocolate chips or cocoa for chocolate cake, try making up an easy packet of chocolate pudding mix and use to give some […]

Easy Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes

Easy Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes By Caro Here’s my super simple version of my gingerbread cake, but made in mini bundt cases. Leave as is, or top with some orange glaze & crystalized ginger pieces for an easy but tasty sweet treat. **Originally posted 01/12/2019, new photos being added April 2023** Making Gingerbread In Bundt […]