Afternoon Tea Recipes – sweet & savoury

Afternoon Tea Sweet & Savoury Afternoon Tea Recipes By Caro This year Afternoon Tea Week is 8-14th August 2022. But what is Afternoon Tea and how can I have my own? Look no further – I am from Scotland & have lots of easy, sweet & savoury bakes for a perfect Afternoon Tea! Examples of […]

Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Day! Contrary to common believe, strawberries are not a summer fruit. With there being over 100 species and subspecies, as well as being in season at different times, in different cities and countries, they are in season longer than we think. So here’s some recipes using strawberries. Also includes some recipes by fellow food developers Sally Newton & Tanya Clark Ott, both of whom appeared on The Great American Baking SHow, Holiday Edition.

Cake Recipes Page

Here is a comprehensive list of all the ‘Cake Recipes’ on this new verison of the website. Layer cakes, traybakes, squares, cupcakes, muffins, bundt cakes, mini cakes. I have it covered, with various flavours, textures, and skill levels. Something for everyone.

How To Check When A Cake Is Done – Theory Lesson 7

This is a common question for beginner bakers – how can you tell if a cake is ready? Recipes will not give a specific baking time (or they should not), as everyones ovens run slightly idifferently. So most recipes will give a time range or specify when to start checking. But how can you do […]