Lemon Curd Oat Bars

Lemon Curd Oat Bars Softer Alternative To Flapjacks By Caro These Lemon Curd Oat Bars are my softer alternative to flapjacks. Super easy to make, these squares/bars, can also be made using apricot jam or Gluten Free flour. Tin Size To Use I recommend using a square baking tin 20 or 22.5cm/ 8 or 9″ […]

World Baking Day Recipes

World Baking Day Recipes By Caro 17th May 2022 marks World Baking Day! Yeh! Now every single day should be Baking Day, but it’s still great that there is a day to recognise and promote the beauty that is baking. History shows that baking might have been around for more than 14 thousand years.  And […]

Chocolate Coconut Scottish Shortbread

Using my Traditional Scottish Shortbread recipe, I developed this chocolate and coconut version, with just a hint of anise! Still with the same melt in the mouth texture, I have been told my shortbread is so much better than a certain popular brand you can buy! So if you love my shortbread recipe, the next experience is the Chocolate Coconut Scottish Shortbread.


This is my review of Anna Olson’s recipe for Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies. I was on the hunt for a new gingerbread cookie, that would not only bake off soft, but stay that way, as well have a nice chewy texture. Read on to hear my thoughts on this recipe by Anna Olson.

READERS’ PHOTOS & FEEDBACK – Biscuits & Cookies

Here’s my reader’s page with photos of their bakes and feedback on my recipes.  Thanks so much to you all for trying my recipes, and giving me permission to add them to the website.  It really does warm my heart to hear how much you like my recipes 🙂 This post will just be for […]

Chocolate Appreciation – ‘Food Of The Gods’

Chocolate Appreciation ‘Food Of The Gods’ EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE By Caro Our Love Of Chocolate Chocolate is universally loved and devoured, on a daily basis, in different forms, and apparently by the bucket load 🙂 According to Divinechocolate.com, Britain alone goes through nearly 700,000 tones per year, that equates as an average of 11kg per person, […]

The Biscuit Bitedown

The Biscuit Bitedown All The Biscuit & Cookie Recipes You Will Need By Caro Biscuit Bitedown – All The Biscuit & Cookie Recipes You Will Need. Thorough recipes, and in grams, ounces & cup measurements as standard. What Are Biscuits & Cookies? Biscuits, (not to be confused with American biscuits, but rather the UK name […]

Mary Berry’s Easter Biscuits – Recipe Review

MARY BERRY’S EASTER BISCUITS A Recipe Review By Diana Watkins These buttery lemon biscuits are so easy to make, take little time and also make a lovely gift. Where To Find The Recipe This recipe featured on Mary Berry’s program, “Mary Berry’s Easter Feast” on BBC Food . (If you look online you can view it), […]