Buttercream Tutorial For Beginners

Buttercream Tutorial For Beginners, is one of my theory lessons for beginner bakers. Use in conjunction with my structured sweet & savoury lessons, to be the best baker you can be! Use as a master buttercream recipe, while you also master the art of baking from scratch. Learn how to make your own homemade buttercream, […]

Chocolate Appreciation – ‘Food Of The Gods’

This is my Chocolate Appreciation post, for reading a little about Chocolate & cocoa pods, and how we can use in our baking. Known as ‘Food of The Gods’, this universally loved ingredient is a must have for bakers. Chocolate Appreciation ‘Food Of The Gods’ EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE By Caro Our Love Of Chocolate Chocolate is […]


Ganache is simply made up of chocolate and double (heavy/whipped) cream. And in essence firm ganache, rolled up makes a simple truffle. You might like my Protein ‘Power-Ball’ Truffles that are an easy no-bake chocolate and nut fix. BUT, chocolate ganache can also be used as a simple drizzle over cakes, for Drip Cakes, or […]

Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes

Beginner’s Cupcake/Frosting Tutorial Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes – Sweet Lesson 2 I got this recipe idea from Good Housekeeping’s Marbled Victoria Sandwich recipe, and made it work for cupcakes.  It’s one of the easiest cupcakes you can make so Lesson No.2 for beginner bakers.      ***ALWAYS read the recipe through well before planning to do it […]