Chocolate Appreciation – ‘Food Of The Gods’

Chocolate Appreciation ‘Food Of The Gods’ EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE By Caro Our Love Of Chocolate Chocolate is universally loved and devoured, on a daily basis, in different forms, and apparently by the bucket load 🙂 According to, Britain alone goes through nearly 700,000 tones per year, that equates as an average of 11kg per person, […]


Here you will find the links to frostings, glazes, drizzles, buttercream and sauces like lemon curd, ganache etc. FROSTINGS Chocolate Ganache – go to recipe Lemon Buttercream – go to recipe Simple Lemon Drizzle – go to recipe How To MakeUp Buttercream – go to lesson Adding Colouring To Buttercream – go to lessons Chocolate […]


Ganache is simply made up of chocolate and double (heavy/whipped) cream. And in essence firm ganache, rolled up makes a simple truffle. You might like my Protein ‘Power-Ball’ Truffles that are an easy no-bake chocolate and nut fix. BUT, chocolate ganache can also be used as a simple drizzle over cakes, for Drip Cakes, or […]