This is my review of Anna Olson’s recipe for Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies. I was on the hunt for a new gingerbread cookie, that would not only bake off soft, but stay that way, as well have a nice chewy texture. Read on to hear my thoughts on this recipe by Anna Olson.

Easy Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes

Easy Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes By Caro Here’s my super simple version of my gingerbread cake, but made in mini bundt cases. Leave as is, or top with some glaze & crystalized ginger pieces for an easy but tasty sweet treat. Making Gingerbread In Bundt Cases To make sure they would work for mini silicone […]

Easy Gingerbread Cake

Growing up, I remember eating Jamaican Ginger bread. I had some shop bought recently but it wasn’t the brand I remember as a child, so it just didn’t taste as good or have that nice soft almost ‘crust’ like edge to it. Then a friend’s mum was making some for a charity fundraiser and I luckily got to taste some (her and her family are regular taste testers of my bakes). It was so good, I wanted to try it for myself and add it to the website.