Wholemeal Butternut Squash Banana Bread

Wholemeal butternut squash banana bread, is a healthier take on well-loved banana bread. It makes use of butternut squash (or any squash or pumpkin puree), that is considered a superfood with its many antioxidants1. And made with wholemeal flour, it is a perfect way to get these benefits, bake from scratch & use up those […]


Many people will make resolutions to eat less baked goods, or cut them out all together. Especially so as many people have put on weight due to Covid and lockdowns. But many people have also taken up baking during that time. So how can we get them to keep on baking, but not feel as […]

Easy Banana Bread

Easy Banana Bread So Easy Even Kids Can Make It By Caro Here’s my Easy Banana Bread recipe. Quick and simple to make, even kids can make it. Makes a great beginner bake. Recipe in grams, cups & ounces Originally posted 25/03/20 & updated 5/5/22 Banana Bread My Son Made For Mother’s Day WHY USE […]