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Tried and tested several times and by other people, you can rely on my recipes. Thorough research and development carried out, before ever posting on the internet.

My Values

I started baking and making everything from scratch as I have an intolerance to artificial sweeteners and found they were in some many things and not just diet foods. I consider these to be unsafe because they have not been around long enough to know the effects they can have on our bodies and health, so avoid at all costs. Making your own food also provides self accomplishment as well as knowing exactly what is in what you are consuming. But I know and it’s the same for me, we can’t always make everything, so I minimise the processed foods and over time even my family don’t like shop bought bakes, they just don’t taste the same. So I will also provide some shortcuts where ever I can, like using frozen shop bought puff pastry. Home made takes hours, and frozen ones from the shops doesn’t have as many additives & preservatives as chilled ones so I always keep some in the freezer, ready for a quick dessert. In summary, I want to teach you how to make most things, as easily as possible & to be the best baker you can be!

Meet Me, Caro

I go my Caro on social media groups and the nickname stuck. Other’s know me as Caroline, and that’s why I called the website Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons.

I am a self taught baker, mother and wife and friend to many. I taught myself to bake after a traumatic period in my life, 6 years ago. I watched all the baking tv shows I could and read baking books like novels. All in an effort to learn as much as possible. But you can only learn so much from reading and watching, you need the practice. So I spent much time in the kitchen trying recipes, with lots of fails – lots of fails!

Baking is my therapy.

Along the way of trying lots of recipes, I realised that so many recipes are of poor quality. Either they don’t give what they promise or are poorly written. And by that I mean, not enough photos (some recipes have no photos!), minimum instructions and unappealing layouts to the recipes. My view is that there should be at least 2 pics of the end bake, and shots of the inside if applicable. The reader needs to know how it should look and also that the recipe did in fact result in a bake. Instruction photos I believe should be in all recipes, to guide the new baker. The instructions should also be thorough – nothing ambiguous, and if baking terminology is used, this should be explained, or referenced to somewhere that does explain it.

The other thing I don’t like is when the layout of the recipe is just black on white. By that I mean just plain black lines of text. No pics, no spaces, just a page full of intimidating text. This doesn’t appeal to new bakers. One big long complicated recipe crammed into one page, is not enticing.

Bake Yourself Better

By me, caro xx

Better to spread over several pages, add pics, colours, bigger fonts etc. may it clearer and attractive to the eye. This is my mission for all recipes to be a certain standard, especially if they claim to be ‘easy’ or ‘beginner level’. More experienced bakers can handle the crammed text, but beginners run a mile!

Anyway, you get the idea & this is why I started my own website lessons, to share what I learned, revolutionize recipe writing and another really important aspect – share all the tips and tricks that the popular bakers keep to themselves. All in my efforts to make you the best baker you can be!

To learn about the LESSON STRUCTUREclick here.

Thanks for reading

Caro xx

How Can I Help You?

I open to suggestions to recipes to review for you & I will also consider ideas for recipes to include in the lessons. If you have any ideas or need any help, please contact be via the button above.

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Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons

Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons

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