Valentine’s Day Recipes Page

Valentine’s Day Recipes Page

Here is a selection of easy sweet & savoury bakes for Valentines Day, as well as some no-bake recipes too.


chocolate truffles on a white board with heart sprinkles and pastel coloured bunting.

No Bake – Chocolate Truffles

A very special recipe for Valentine’s Day and beyond, is this protein packed chocolate truffle, which is also a good use of left-over chocolate ganache. Coat anyway you like.

Go to Chocolate truffle recipe

Heart Jammie Dodgers on a white tablecloth with red napkin and 6 red heart chocolates.

Seasonal/Themed Jammie Dodgers

Try my take on British biscuit/cookie Jammy Dodgers. Themed for any season, with any cookie cutters you like, they are filled with jam & a firmer buttercream, perfect for a sandwich cookie.

Go to Seasonal Jammie Dodgers Cookies

Valentine's Day Recipes Page - cupcakes


A super simple & flexible recipe, these cupcakes don’t use butter or eggs. Can Be Made Vegan Or As A Layer Cake

Go to Versatile Chocolate Cupcake recipe

Soft Jam Sandwich Sugar Cookies For Valentine’s

Here’s my super simple jam sandwich cookies, that can be customized for any theme or season.

Go to Jam Sandwich Cookies

Valentine's Day Recipes Page - lemon drizzle bundt cake

Lemon Poppy Seed Drizzle Bundt Cake

Try my very popular lemon drizzle cake, this time with a ‘pop’ of poppy seeds and made in a pretty bundt tin.

Go to Lemon Drizzle Poppy Seed Bundt Cake recipe

Or why not try the mini bundt version below? (Includes some quick videos on decorating and how to remove the silicone cases).

Go to Mini Lemon Drizzle Poppy Seed Bundt Cakes

red velvet oreo style sandwich cookies pic collage

Red Velvet ‘Oreo Style’ Sandwich Cookies

Valentine’s special of my Oreo style sandwich cookies made from scratch. Can also be made using alternative flour such as Gluten Free or Spelt flour.

Go to Red Velvet Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Cranberry, Orange & Pecan Scottish Shortbread

Here’s my flavoured version of Traditional Scottish Shortbread, which can also be made into love heart shaped biscuits/cookies.

Go to Cranberry Orange Pecan Scottish Shortbread recipe

Or Try my Original authentic Scottish Shortbread Recipe

Valentine's Day Recipes Page shortbread

Chocolate & Coconut Dipped Scottish Shortbread

My new Scottish Shortbread, but in rounds, dipped in chocolate and coconut, with just a hint of Anise. Use heart shaped cutters and half dip at an angle for Valentine’s Day.

Go to Chocolate & Coconut Scottish Shortbread

Easy Madeira Loaf Cake

Madeira Cake is a classic British bake and more so in Scotland. A very simple bake, and not too sweet, this cake is liked by all. Eat Plain or have with some jam. This is my Home-made Plum & Orange Jam recipe.

Go to Madeira Cake recipe

Carrot Cake Slices With Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

Here’s Classic Carrot Cake but on a smaller scale for easy baking. Paired with an Orange & Cream Cheese frosting.

Go to Carrot Cake Slices.

Chocolate & Orange Sandwich Cookies

Can Be Made Gluten Free Too

Here’s  my ‘Oreo-style’ cookies, Chocolate & orange sandwich cookies, themed for any holiday/occassion and filled with an orange flavoured buttercream. Can be made with Gluten free flour too.

Go to my Chocolate & Orange Sandwich Cookies recipe.

Buttered Brazil Nuts

Buttered Brazils are whole Brazil nuts encased in smooth butterscotch caramel, they are ideal as a gift at any time of the year and easy to make too.

Go to Buttered Brazil Nuts

Brandy Snaps – A Recipe Review

Here’s a review of Mary Berry’s Brandy Snaps recipe. A British classic!

Go to review of Brandy Snaps

Yule log swirl

CHOCOLATE ORANGE YULE LOG – That Just Happens To Be Gluten & Flour Free Too

Chocolate Swiss/Jelly Rolls shouldn’t just be for Christmas. Make the Yule Log without the branch and add some Valentine’s decorations, or red fruit like cherries, raspberries or strawberries. Or even some mini roles. Detailed recipe and pics, as well as a video tutorial to make this great cake.

Go to Gluten Free Flour Free Chocolate Orange Yule Log

Click to see more biscuit & cookie recipes.

See more cake recipes

Valentine’s Day Recipes Page


Coconut Ice

Try Mrs D’s recipe for no bake sweet treat Coconut Ice. uses just icing/powdered sugar, coconut, water & little pink or red food colouring.

Go to Coconut Ice recipe.

Valentine's Day Recipes Page - fudge


A QUICKER & SAFER way to make fudge is in the MICROWAVE.  Plain chocolate or with nuts or cranberries.

Go to Microwave Chocolate Fidge recipe


Try my easy no-baking required, Chocolate Truffles. Includes how to easily make ganache and these perfect gifting treats.

Go to my Chocolate Truffles recipe (see first photo)

Honeycomb & Chocolate Dipped Honeycomb (Sponge Candy)

New no-bake recipe, for honeycomb, that is ideal for food gifting anytime. Make with or without a chocolate coating.

Go to Honeycomb Sponge Candy recipe.

Peanut Brittle – Recipe Review

Read Mrs D’s review of this no-bake sweet treat, ideal for gifting.

Go to Peanut Brittle Review

Valentine’s Day Recipes Page


Quick Cheese Pastry Twists

Here’s my quick & simple recipe for making Cheese Pastry Twists, using shop-bought puff pastry. A perfect, quick bake, great for entertaining & sure to please your Valentine.

Go to Cheese Pastry Twists

Roasted Salted, Smoked Paprika Almonds

Try this great savoury snack, that’s perfect for parties and even as giving out in gift baskets.

Go to Roasted Smoked Paprika Almonds

Easy Peasy Smokin’ Cheezee Squares

Love cheese? Then these you will love too and so easy to make and great for nibbles and gifting. Use a heart shaped cookie or fondant cutter.

Go to Smokin’ Cheeze Squares

Bonus recipe, a spicy version!


savoury biscuits

Turkish Savoury Biscuits

Try these super simple, savoury snacks from Turkey. My take on a Tuzlu Kurabiye, it it literally translates as ‘salty biscuit’. These are perfect for pairing with your favourite cheese, but equally good snacked on alone. They are very moreish…. you won’t be disappointed.

Can also be made with different shaped cookie cutters for a theme.

Go to Savoury Biscuit recipe.

Links To Other Baker Friends’ Sites

Here’s some links to sites of two baking friends. Tanya’s Valentine’s recipes at Global Bakes. And Sally’s Valentine’s Bakes at Bewitching Kitchen. Both were lucky enough to bake on The Great American Baking Show Holiday Edition 2019.

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Valentine’s Day Recipes Page

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