Mother’s Day Recipes

Loaf cake of coconut and cherry with one slice off, and title Mother's Day recipes.

Mother’s Day Recipes

By Caro

Here you will find various recipes, sweet & savoury, easy & more difficult. A lot of which, as suitable as a thank you gift for Mother's Day. In the UK it is on Sunday the 27th March 2022, & in the States & Other Countries, 8th May 2022.

All recipes include thorough instructions & also a Kids Baking section to get them helping too. Some recipes which I have reviewed, are also suitable. Please note that at this time, not all recipes have been moved over on to this new improved version of the site here. But please check back regularly, as I am adding daily.

Close up of a lemon poppy seed bundt cake with glaze down the groves.


Cakes, layer cakes, cupcakes, tray bakes, squares, muffins Swiss Rolls, Gluten-free, we have it all covered.

Individual Chocolate Tarts

Stack of pancakes made from cake layers and fondant with fondant butter and blueberrie son top as well as syrup running down.


Fondant tutorials for cakes and cupcakes.

Stack Of Pancakes’ Illusion Cake video

Go To Fondant Tutorials

Close up of various cubes of chocolate fudge, some with cranberries, some with honeycomb/sponge candy pieces.


Try my super simple and much safer method for making fudge. Perfect as a food gift.

Go to Microwave Chocolate Fudge recipe

My son's square scones, very high and filled with raspberry jam and cream, with tea to the background.


Recipes tested & made by my 13 year old son.

His ‘Square’ British Scones

Go to Kids Baking page

Wholemeal muffins with sugar nibbs on a white background with some split apart and on their sides, one on a brown plate and a darl brown mug of coffee


Try my ‘Healthier’ Banana Bread Muffins with partially wholemeal/wheat flour.

Go to Banana Bread Muffins

Chocolate truffles, some with coconut on the outside, in heart dishes.

No-bake Chocolate Truffles

A Great no-bake recipe for chocolate truffles, that you cover anyway you like.

Go to Chocolate Truffles recipe

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Loaf cake of coconut and cherry with one slice off, and title Mother's Day recipes.

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