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Lots of kids lessons wer eon the old website, so eventually they will all be updated and back online.

As some will already know, I had a kids baking section on my old website. Well it takes a lot of time setting up a new website, and even longer still when updating the recipes and photos. But since it’s the summer holidays for schools, it was time to get some of the old recipes back on-line, ready for the kiddies to get baking! My son who was making these recipes, was 12, 13 at the time, and had a bit of a talent for it. These days his talent is in making anything I make disappear in quick time!


See Koray make this easy puff pastry cones, filled with whipped cream and other goodies of your choice! Can be made quickly with shop bought frozen puff pastry & some pantry ingredients.

Go to Kids Cream Horn recipe

Download recipe below:


Try this scary sausage rolls for Halloween!

Kids enjoy helping wrap the ready made puff pastry around the hot dog sausages & adding the ‘one-eye’! (No pre-cooking required).

Go to Scary Mummy Sausage Rolls recipe

Overhead shot of table with plate of rock cakes with raisins served with tea.


Try this simple recipe or with an adult.

Go to Rock Cake recipe


Try this tutorial with the kids for Halloween treats

Go to Fondant Halloween Cookies

The recipes will be of varying skill levels, and so some older kids might be able to do on their own, whilst little ones, will need a lot more help, so will be ‘baking with you’. Please read the recipes carefully before allowing your child to try them out for obvious safety reasons. That said, let them do as much as they can, and ask them along the way if they want to try certain steps for themselves, and in time you will see them flourish 🙂 It is not only a great thing to do as a family, but you can involve valuable life skills such as mathematics, independence and creativity.

Extra close shot of a stack of 3 tear-and-share cheese herb topped scones, on a pink tile table.

More recipes to comeEasy Tear-&-Share Cheese Scones, Sausage Rolls, 1st Time Choux Pastry, Mille Feuille (Neapolitans), croquembouche, cookies, British Scones (below) & more

Classic British Scones by kids
Scones by my 13 year old son
My son's square scones, very high and filled with raspberry jam and cream, with tea to the background.

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Happy Learning & Baking!

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