Close photo of a British scone with cream, jam and strawberry sliced in-between, serve don blue & white Willow tea set and more scones and tea to the background.


Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons

Learn how to bake with thorough recipe instructions & step-by-step process photos to guide you!  

What My Website Contains

This is my website for free structured, sweet & savoury baking lessons for beginners. Includes thoroughly detailed recipes with step-by-step photos.

Here you will also find recipes I have reviewed & made recommendations on, as well as lots of useful baking information & know-how.

My first website also contained kids baking, fondant tutorials, healthier baking and much more. So eventually all of this will be moved over to this new website. This site, will be much easier to navigate & has a search box on every page you view! So please bear with me while I get more content on.

Latest Lessons

Latest Sweet Lessons

Blueberry Orange Curd

Blueberry Orange Curd Patterned Swiss Roll

Lemon Curd Swiss Roll

Black Forest Gateau By Air Fryer

Air fryer, oven or stovetop Stewed Rhubarb/compote

Pastry Cream (Crème Patissière/Creme Pat) Lesson No.13

Classic Victoria Sandwich Cake For Beginners

Latest Theory Lessons:

Theory Lesson No.15- Assembling & Filling A Piping Bag

Buttercream Tutorial For Beginners

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

For Scottish Food & Drinks Fortnight, (5th – 20th September) try some of our proper Scottish shortbread. The classic version, chocolate & coconut Scottish shortbread, or my Cranberry Orange pecan Scottish Shortbread, (below).

Cheese Burger Day – Recipe Update

Cheese Burger Day on 18th September, so I have updated my savoury lesson for 90 MInute Burger Buns. New process photos and a Recipe Card added. Check out the recipe for these bigger burger buns.

Great British Bake Off Time

New series of popular show Great British Bake Off (Great British Baking Show), will be starting this month (September). So this is your goto website for learning to bake from scratch, including lots of classic British bakes. Examples are the Swiss roll recipes above, and my popular traditional British Scones tutorial & video. There is even an Air Fryer Scone version too, so no excuse for it being too hot to bake! Go to my Afternoon Tea Page for lots more recipes & ideas, the GBBO Page, or use the search box.

New Series

Baking On A Budget!

New recipes developed and tested, with energy & money saving in mind.

Rhubarb Compote Cupcakes

Air Fryer British Scones

Air Fryer, Oven Or Stovetop Stewed Rhubarb

Air Fryer Black Forest Gateau Tutorial

Latest Recipe On Review

Not just baking lessons & tutorials, but reviews of recipes too. On review today is a Chocolate Hazelnut Bundt Cake by Lynn @ Tasty Bakes Kitchen. Read the Chocolate Hazelnut Bundt Cake Review.

Poğaça – Quicker Turkish Cheese Filled Rolls

My quicker recipe to have these yeast-based, Turkish cheese stuffed rolls, ready to eat in 2 hours! Go to Quicker Turkish Cheese Filled Rolls -Poğaça

LESSON STRUCTURE – to learn more about the structured lessons, go to About Lessons Structure.

Readers’ Feeback & Photos Page

Collage of 18 shortbread pics and title readers' feedback and photos for cookies and biscuits.

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Latest Recipes/Articles/Updates

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  • Air fryer Black Forest Gatea cake on a cake stand with the same text.
  • Ckose shot ofa lemon curd Swiss role slice, served on a white plate.
  • Overhead shot of white table with 3 plates of slices of blueberry orange Swiss/jelly roll cake.

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This website also includes my baking theory posts & many informative articles too.

Go to baking info/theory

Very big collage of dozens and dozen of baked items by Caroline's Easy Baking Lessons.
Some of my old bakes

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Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons

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