Conversion Of UK & US Common Baking Ingredients

Overhead shot of bowls and cup of ingredients with title measurment conversions.

Conversion Of UK & US Common Baking Ingredients

With A Handy Table To Save

By Caro

Here’s my handy table & article with baking ingredient conversions done for you! All hand measured by myself, since Google can be inaccurate & inconsistent. Not only hand measured, but tested too, during my recipe development – this is as close as you will get.

Converting Ingredients

Since I have many followers from the US & Canada, I thought I would take the time to talk about ingredient conversion from UK measurements.  Likewise, if you watch US/Canadian food programs or are trying out a recipe in different measurements, this should be of benefit to you.  

Why Ingredient Convertions Are Needed Now

So why is conversion of UK & US common baking ingredients one of the most searched topics on Google? With the Great British Bake Off, (The Great British Baking Show), being so popular abroad, I often read on Facebook groups, people asking questions about ingredients & measurements but sometimes, there are incorrect answers.   So I will talk a little about the common questions that pop up and at the end I will provide a table for printing and quick reference.

Hand Measured Conversions

I should also point out, that I produced this table by personally measuring all these ingredients in all methods. And this not only was for authenticity, but also because online conversion sites/tables, (including Google), are often inconsistent or inaccurate. Not only that, but when I am developing & testing my own recipes, I also make using grams & cups.

***For all my recipes, I give ingredient measurements in grams, cups & ounces.***

measuring cups in different sizes and eggs & lemons for lemon bundts

Conversions To Be Wary Of

Beware of websites that state: “1 cup = 125g”.  That only applies for flour.  1 cup of granulated sugar weighs 200g and butter 227g.

Please also note that not all sugars weigh the same because of the size and weight of the grains.  As an example, 1 cup of caster sugar (also known also as ‘super/extra fine sugar’) weighs 225g in comparison to regular sugar weighing 200g.

How To Search Smart On Google

And as baking is very much a science, getting the weight correct can influence the result of the bake.  If in doubt look it up on my table or for any other ingredient not listed, check Google. However, when using Google to search,  do so in this way:

‘1 cup chocolate chip in grams’ – not just ‘1 cup of chocolate in grams’ as there will be a difference in the answer for both of  these.

pouring from a blue jug, milk into a white ow with whisked eggs, on a white and black stripe teatowel.

Good Advice

I advise checking a few different websites to get a general consensus on the answer as far too many of them are inconsistent and even inaccurate. I like Traditionaloven.com and find it most accurate. So look out for that in the search results.

Purchase Inexpensive Digital Scales

Also note that if you purchase digital scales, not only will measuring be more accurate and in grams, some models also have other units of measurements on them, for example oz which is also commonly used as an alternative to cups.  Some even have ml (milliliter which is used for fluids).

close and partial shot of black digital scales, cake pans, sieve, measuring spoons and parchement paper.

A Note On Measuring Cups

A note to people used to weighing their ingredients, but are trying out using measuring cups. Be aware that sometimes ‘level cup’, ‘heaped cup’ , ‘packed cup’ or ‘scant cup’ may be advised.

A level cup is just as it sounds, levelled off (usually with a knife) and heaped is a big cup, heaped high, or ’rounded’. Packed cups are usually advised when using brown sugar as it’s softer and if it’s packed in tight you get more sugar in and inevitably a heavier weight in grams. A scant cup is just short of a full cup.

Read About Differences Between UK & US Baking Ingredients

If you also want you can also read about the Difference Between UK & US Baking Ingredients, or got to my Oven Temperature Conversion Table.

DOWNLOAD this article and table to save to your phone or computer and print later. Click below.

Conversion Of UK & US Common Baking Ingredients

Below is a list of common baking items that I have a note of for anytime I bake.  It has grams and  US cups measurements, as well as ml and ounces (oz).  

Note I have used these in both ways in my recipes as I write them and test them in cups and grams before finalising a recipe.

Ingredient Missing?

The list only includes ingredients I have hand measured, so you might be looking for something that isn’t there yet. So please contact me via the form below to request a new ingredient be added, as well as checking back regularly for updates.

Conversion Of UK & US Common Baking Ingredients

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INGREDIENTS..TSP..TBSP1/8c1/4c1/3c 1/2c 2/3c 3/4c 1cINGREDIENTS
Butter5g15g (0.5oz)28g (1oz)57g
113g (4oz152g
226g (8oz)Butter
Flour*, Icing/Powdered Sugar, Cocoa2.6g7.8g16g
Flour*, Icing/Powdered Sugar, Cocoa
Granulated and Brown Sugar**4.2g12.5g25g (0.75oz)50g
134g (4.75oz)170g (6oz)200g (7oz)Granulated & Brown Sugar**
Caster, Super or Extra Fine Sugar4.6g14g28g (1oz)56g (2oz)75g (2.5oz)113g
150g (5.25oz)169g (6oz)225g (8oz)Caster, Super/Extra Fine Sugar
Chocolate Chips__20g (0.75oz)45g (1.5oz)60g
90g (3oz)115g (4oz)130g (4.5oz)175g (6.25oz)Chocolate Chips
Rolled Oats__14g (0.5oz)28g (1oz)38g (1.25g)52g (1.75g)76g (2.75oz)86g (3oz)114g (4oz)Rolled Oats
Ground Almonds/Almond Meal5g8g12g (0.5oz)24g (0.75oz)37g (1.25oz)46g (1.5oz)61g (2oz)69g (2.5oz)92g (level, 3.25oz)Ground Almonds/Almond Meal
Cornflour/starch3g9g19g (0.75oz)39g (1.25oz)51g (1.75oz)76g (2.75oz)101g (3.5oz)114g (4oz)152g (5.25oz)Cornflour/starch
Coconut Sugar4g11g18g (0.75oz)36g (1.25oz)48g (1.75oz)72g (2.5g)96g (3.25g)108g (3.75g)144g (4oz)Coconut Sugar
Vegetable Shortening***__26g (1oz)51g (1.75oz)68g (2.25oz)102g (3.5oz)136g (4.75oz)153g (5.25oz)204g (7oz)Vegetable Shortening***
Pumpkin Puree, home-made__28g (1oz)55g (2oz)74g (2.5oz)111g (4oz)147g (5oz)166g (5.75oz)221g (7.75oz)Pumpkin Puree, home-made
Water, Oil, Milk etc.5ml
(0.2 fl oz)
(0.5 fl oz)
(1 fl oz)
(2 fl oz)
80ml (2.75 fl oz)120ml (4 fl oz)160ml (5.5 fl oz)180ml
(6 fl oz)
(8 fl oz)
Water, Milk, Oil etc.

MOBILE users – scroll right to see rest of table


* Flour is approximate, as different types can vary a little amount, but for most recipes, you add enough flour till you get the right consitency.  Also different flour, different places and how it was milled, affect the amount of fluid it absorbs, so sometimes you will need more or less flour.
**  I tested the light and dark brown sugar in a cup that I before had double-checked held 200g worth of granulated.  I filled the cup in increments, packing the sugar in each time until no more could go in.
*** Vegetable Shortening is also branded as ‘Crisco’ in the states and can be purchased in bigger supermarkets in the UK, under the brands ‘Trex’ and even ‘Crisp ‘n Dry’ Vegetable Oil Block, can also work.
Notes on Conversion Table

Conversion Of UK & US Common Baking Ingredients


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Conversion Of UK & US Common Baking Ingredients

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Conversion Of UK & US Common Baking Ingredients
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