It’s National Cookie Day so why not make some for yourself or gift them? Many cookies can be frozen undecorated so a perfect bake. Here’s a link to my cookies, from simple to more complex, ones for the holiday season and even includes some gluten free ones too. I am having to run it through […]

WHIPPING CREAM – Theory Lesson 8

Whipping cream might seem simple, but how do you know when it’s ready? Timing isn’t always useful if your mixer has different power or motor than the one used in the recipe. Similarly, if you decide to whisk by hand, this will take long, and require a lot of elbow powder. But don’t worry, it […]


IMPORTANCE OF SIEVING IN BAKING By Caro This next Theory Lesson is on the importance of sieving in all our bakes. Some people think it’s not needed anymore because flour bugs are not as prevalent as they once were. However, that is not the case if you don’t store your flour for example in airtight […]

Spring-time Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial

Let me show you how to easily make this Spring or Easter cupcake bouquet, just using fondant and a few cutters. Nice alternative to using buttercream and the good news is, all the fondant elements can be made upto weeks in advance.