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Pumpkin spice latte in gingerbread man mug with a Christmas hot chocolate bar sign and decorations to the back.

Here is the Christmas Page with all my recipes for easy & delicious bakes, (and no-bakes), all suitable for the Christmas table or gifting this holiday season.

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Close front on shot of a deep golden round fruit cake with one to the back and small ones off to the side.


Read about traditional British Christmas cakes, & join in on the bake-together, that starts in October. Includes full recipes, video tutorials & lots of decoration ideas.

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Black and white edited photo of work horses pulling a carriage along a street in the early 19 hundreds with a title 100 year cake recipe.


This 100 year old recipe, was used in our bake-together in Facebook group Great British Bake Off Fans (GBBO, Great British Baking Show), since 2020. We are baking again this year (see link above), but here is my article on the history of the cake.

Read about the 100 Year Old Christmas Cake Recipe

Little fondant penguin and snowballs on top of a British Christmas cake.


Check out my Fondant Page for ideas for toppers for Christmas Cakes and Cupcakes. Or why not follow my photo tutorial for making this cute little fondant penguin cake topper, or add some snowballs to make a scene for on top of your cake?

Go To Fondant Page For Christmas

*Note the fondant tutorial for the Rooftop Christmas Eve Scene, (in the photo at the top of the page), will be online very soon.

Collage photo of christmas chocolate yule log and a party table with cheese twists and drinks.

CHRISTMAS RECIPES – Bakes & No-bakes

Here’s some recipes for sweet & savoury Christmas Baking, as well as some no-bakes too.

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9 photo collage of celebration and party foods with title new year and party recipes.


Some more sweet & savoury recipes for New Year, parties or any special occasion.

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4 photo collage of uncooked pie dough in a tin, a fancy rhubarb pie, lemon meringue pie & mini chocolate tart.


Take a look at my Pastry page with lots of bakes that would be great for your dinner table. Not great with pastry? Then work through my pastry tutorials and master pastry this Christmas.

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Check out my Baking Information page, if you come accross any problems with your holiday baking. Frequently asked baking questions answered, conversion tables, and much more.

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