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4 Steps To Cut Parchment For Round Tins

round cake pan, greased with Fry Light spray to the back and paper line with 4 steps to cut parchment for round pans title.

By Caro

Quickly & accurately cut rounds of parchment paper to fit round cake pans or baking dishes.  4 simple quick steps for better lining of cake pans.

Why Do This?

Accurate – more accurate than free-hand cutting or drawing a circle round the pan and then cutting.

Uses Less Paper – only cut to width of dish.

Less Tools Needed – No need to find something to draw with.

Easier For Your Eyes & Hands.

Super Quick – once you know how, can be done in seconds.

Multi-uses – cake pans, cheese cake dishes, pie dish, pizza dishes etc.


Compared To Drawing An Outline Round The Tin

This method is more accurate than drawing a circle round the pan and then cutting. No need to find something to draw with, and even then you have to cut perfectly round a fine line. Not so easy or quick if your eyes are not so good & easy to make a mistake.

Also, what others don’t consider, is that even if you manage to cut perfectly round the drawn circle, it will always be bigger than the inside of the pan. This is because of the thickness of the sides of the pan. And if it’s a particularly good quality pan, these sides will be thicker, meaning when going to place the cut out paper circle inside, it will be bigger & not fit nicely. I often see this done, and then they have to fold the paper up the sides and hope it sits right and doesn’t end up being baked into the cake!

collage of greasing cake pans with Fry Light cooking spray, paper lining and how the cakes came out.

Lining Tips

You should always grease your cake pans, or any baking dish really. You can check out my Lining Baking Tins Lesson, for more details. But my favourite 2 are using Home Made Lining Paste or Fry Light cooking spray. The lining paste is excellent and always my choice for bundt pans. Fry Light cooking spray is particularly useful for silicone bake ware and in particular silicone mini bundt cases. See the mini bundt cases in the photo below. I used this cooking spray for these silicone cases. Here’s a recent recipe using this – go to Mini Carrot Bundt Cakes. An alternative would be cake release spray such as Pam.

Collage of red mini bundt case sin silicone, with Frylight cooking spray bottles and spraye don the cases, bake din a cupcake tray.
Using cooking spray (Fry Light) for greasing silicone cake cases (bundts).

But for layer cakes in particular, also paper lining the bottom of the pan, is also highly recommended. It saves you so much regrets when your cake won’t come out the tin, or most is left behind. So here’s how to best make the parchment paper fit your round cake pan.


1. Cut

2. Fold

3. Measure

4. Trim

collage showing folded paper dart lining up on a tart tin and then lined.

The 4 Steps

1. Cut – cut enough baking/parchment paper for the width of your round dish you want to line.

2. Fold – folding of the paper until you have a thin ‘dart’ shape.

3. Measure – work out how much excess paper to cut off.

4. Trim – cut off the excess paper.

The 4 Step Process In Detail

1.Cut baking/parchment paper to the width of the round dish. (No need to make wider & waste paper).

2.Then fold in half (upwards as shown in photo shot 2.) Make nice sharp creases, and this will make folding easier.

3. Turn the folded paper (not shown in photo, but you can see this in the video), 90 degrees to the right so that it looks like a closed book. Then fold that in half, upwards, across the centre, like in process photo 3.

4.Fold the paper over, at an angle, at a diagonal to make a triangle like in process photo 4. (See video for more shots).

5. Fold the triangle in half, making a thinner ‘dart’ shape. For smaller dishes, you might need to do this step twice to make thinner.

6. Line up the point of the tip of the ‘dart’, to the centre most part of the dish, as in photo 6.

7. From there, work out where to cut off the excess paper, by placing your finger, where the paper meets the end of the dish. See Photo 7. (Note too I am marking at the inner edge of the pan, and not the wider end.)

8. From there, cut off the excess, in a straight line.

**Top Tip – the excess paper cut off, can be put in a paper recycling bin, or even scrunched up to be used in gift baskets, under tissue paper, to bulk it out. If there are any longer thin strips, you might be able to use for lining the sides of a pan too.

9. Unfold the paper and check the sizing by placing inside the dish.

If too big:

10. Fold in half a few times.

11. Then trim off the tiniest of amounts. Better to cut off not enough than too much.

12. Then simply unfold and check again if it fits nicely into the dish. You want it to fit perfectly, or a tiny bit too small.

Pic of 2 round cake pans greased with Fry Light cooking spray and paper lined too.

Once happy, then grease the base and sides of your tin and place the paper in position. Do this for cakes, pastries etc. For Pizza or flatbreads, no need for greasing. It’s there more for preventing sticking.

Here are examples of cake tins lined.

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9 pic collage of cutting paper for a round cake pan.

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4 Steps To Cut Parchment For Round Tins

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