Buttercream Tutorial For Beginners

Buttercream Tutorial For Beginners, is one of my theory lessons for beginner bakers. Use in conjunction with my structured sweet & savoury lessons, to be the best baker you can be! Use as a master buttercream recipe, while you also master the art of baking from scratch. Learn how to make your own homemade buttercream, […]

4 Steps To Cut Parchment For Round Tins

By Caro Quickly & accurately cut rounds of parchment paper to fit round cake pans or baking dishes. 4 simple quick steps for better lining of cake pans. Why Do This? Accurate – more accurate than free-hand cutting or drawing a circle round the pan and then cutting. Uses Less Paper – only cut to […]

WHIPPING CREAM – Theory Lesson 8

Whipping cream might seem simple, but how do you know when it’s ready? Timing isn’t always useful if your mixer has different power or motor than the one used in the recipe. Similarly, if you decide to whisk by hand, this will take long, and require a lot of elbow powder. But don’t worry, it […]

How To Check When A Cake Is Done – Theory Lesson 7

This is a common question for beginner bakers – how can you tell if a cake is ready? Recipes will not give a specific baking time (or they should not), as everyones ovens run slightly idifferently. So most recipes will give a time range or specify when to start checking. But how can you do […]


IMPORTANCE OF SIEVING IN BAKING By Caro This next Theory Lesson is on the importance of sieving in all our bakes. Some people think it’s not needed anymore because flour bugs are not as prevalent as they once were. However, that is not the case if you don’t store your flour for example in airtight […]


THINGS THAT CAN CAUSE A DENSE BAKE 1. Over-mixing the cake batter.  Any air incorporated will be lost and you are deflating the bake.  Only mix until everything is incorporated. Often you will hear or read ‘just till incorporated’. 2. Using an ‘All-In-One’ Method instead of ‘creaming’ the butter and sugar together.   Creaming is very […]

LINING BAKING TINS – Theory Lesson 4

LINING BAKING TINS – Theory Lesson 4 LINING COOKIE TRAYS/SHEETS One tip for when using on an oven tray/sheet for cookies etc. If it doesn’t have a lip/edge, grease it before placing the paper in position, as you don’t want the cookies or cookie dough to slide off. That has happened – for real!! STANDARD […]