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World Baking Day Recipes

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World Baking Day Recipes

By Caro

17th May 2023 marks World Baking Day!  Yeh!  Now every single day should be Baking Day, but it’s still great that there is a day to recognise and promote the beauty that is baking.

Baked lemon bundt cake out of the tin showing perfect texture.

History shows that baking might have been around for more than 14 thousand years.  And in that time, it has evolved so much, but at the same time, much joy can still come in these days of high technology, by going back to the basics of baking.

Front shot of larger summer berry griestorte fruit covered cake on serving plate.

Baking Therapy

Baking is therapeutic to so many people, helping with stress and anxiety.  It can be fun getting kids involved and at the end of it all – you have some tasty bakes to enjoy or gift. 

We are not so happy about the mess and clean up, but the joy of creating something from scratch makes up for that.  Baking can also develop better self-esteem as you push yourself into new territory. 

I always say, no matter how much experience and years of baking and qualifications you have, there is always something new to learn in baking.  And if you love learning and developing your skills, baking is for you. 

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The History Of Baking

If you want to read more about how baking has evolved over thousands of years, check out Day Of The Year.com, for The History Of Baking & Baking Day.

Collage of sweet lessons with cakes and cookies.

Free Baking Lessons For All

What I can offer for World Baking Day is free structured sweet and savoury baking lessons, along with essential baking theory.  Many easy recipes on the website, as well as recipe reviews, so a good place for you start your baking journey, start baking again, or add to your repertoire. 

Call To Action – Bake!!

Go see what you have in the fridge and pantry and make something special and homemade today, on World Baking Day!

Collage of savoury lessons - cheesy puffs, rolls, burger buns & bagels.

The Sweet Lessons

My structured sweet lessons start from the basics, with simple cakes, cupcakes and biscuits/cookies.

Go to Sweet Lessons

The Savoury Lessons

My savoury lessons are also structured to increase your abilities and include quick breads, savoury muffins, before introducing yeasted bakes. And many of these bread recipes, include a quicker technique, making yeasted bakes much quicker to prepare and be ready to eat. An example being 2 hour Yeast Bagels – 2 hours start to finish, no hidden times.

Go to Savoury Lessons

Bowls and cups of baking ingredients and titled science of baking.

Baking Theory Lessons

Baking is a science, so baking theory is very important if you want to fully understand how baking works. My theory lessons also include important tips to help you progress easily in your baking journey.

Go to Baking Theory Lessons

Overhead shot of bowls and cup of ingredients with title measurment conversions.

Recipe Reviews

Over 4 years I have reviewed lots of recipes for you, rating them as well as providing my suggestions and conversions.

Go to Recipe Reviews

Baking Info Blog

Some of my valuable baking articles are also found in the Baking Info Blog section. Popular examples would include my baking measurement conversions – go to Conversion Table Of UK & US Baking Ingredients.

Click to Go to Baking Info Section

Carrot bundt cake withe drizzled icing and orange zest, on a grey plate on a pale blue background with green napkin and yellow flower with Cake Recipes title.

Find Some Recipes

You can also find a particular recipe, by typing in the search box on any page on the website.

Alternatively, here are some popular sections to check out:

Cake Recipes Log

Bread & Everything Yeast Based

Cookie Bitedown

Pastry Recipes

Video Tutorials

My recipes often come with video tutorials to guide you, so why not check out my YouTube channel to see them all and view at your leisure. A quick, free subscription would also be greatly appreciated!

Go to Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons YouTube Channel

How about something sweet? – cake, cookies, pastry or sweets/candy?

17 image collage of various cake, cookie, sweets and pastries.
Sweet recipes on Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons

Something savoury? – bread, pastry, snacks, and more

Go to Bread & Yeast Recipes

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Share The Love

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Readers’ Pics

Don’t just take my word for how tasty and easy these recipes are – check my readers’ pics below. Also their feedback on the recipes and posts. Check the Reader’s Cookie Feedback page, or on idividual recipes.

Mini carrot bundt cakes decorated and on a cooling rack.

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Happy Baking & Making

Happy Tummies & Memories!

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