RASPBERRY JAM & COCONUT RECIPES – Simply The Best Cupboard Ingredients For Baking With

RASPBERRY JAM & COCONUT RECIPES – Simply The Best Cupboard Ingredients For Baking With

Raspberry Jam has to be not only my favourite jam flavour, but favourite go-to for adding a little something extra to my baked goods. It works well sandwiched between sponge layers, but is also so good baked inside your goodies too. A truly versatile ingredient and flavour, it also pair beautifully with desiccated coconut. That too can be added onto or inside your bake. So two truly amazing store cupboard ingredients, that can make a plain bake into something special.

Making your own jam is easy enough, and the higher the pectin (the gelatine or setting agent if you like), naturally found in the particular fruit you choose, the easier it will set, without the need for other setting agents. So bear that in mind when making jam. There are lots of good articles on the internet on which fruits are best, but in general, lemons and tart apples are high on the list and if you even add some of these into another fruit with lower pectin, that will give it a boost.

For speed, cost and the sheer amount of jam we go through, I prefer to buy my jam from Lidl. They cost £1 ($1.40) for a really lovely and thick set preserve, that comes in a great selection of flavours, that are really good for baking too. But if you have free fruit, then making your own is also a good way to go.

Here are some of my most popular recipes using raspberry jam and coconut. Referred to as desiccated coconut here in the UK, it’s the equivalent of shredded unsweetened US coconut, but just a bit finer. You can blitz a little if you want but not always necessary. So onto the recipes:


overhead shot of raspberry jam and coconut topped cake squares served on a table with coffee.


Sweet Lesson No.1 for beginner bakers, this cake is so simple to make but very moist and delicious.

Go to Raspberry Coconut Sponge Squares

Front shot of coconut paradise slice, a square of shorbread base, jam filling and coconut top, on wooden baord with powdered sugar dusting.


This popular recipe is a combination of a biscuit/pastry base, a cake & coconut topping, all sandwiching a raspberry jam filling.

Go to Coconut Paradise Slices recipe

Collage of raspberry cipcakes with different toppings and styles.


This is a beginner’s introduction to cupcakes and decorating, but they are a great tasting cake too, with the addition of raspberry jam in the batter.

Go to Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes recipe

SLightly angled overhead shot of a raspberry rippled layer cake with cream filling.


This is my classic Victoria Sandwich cake, but with a twist – the inclusion of some raspberry jam marbled in the batter. You can also use raspberry jam too with whipped cream to sandwich the cakes together.

Go to Raspberry Swirl Victoria Sandwich recipe

Wooden round chopping board with desicatted coconut formed into the word 'coconut'.

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