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Readers’ Photos & Feedback Page – Biscuits & Cookies

Collage of 18 shortbread pics and title readers' feedback and photos for cookies and biscuits.
Here’s my readers' page with photos of their bakes, as well as feedback on my recipes they have tried.  Thanks so much to you all for trying my recipes, & giving me permission to add them to the website.  It really does warm my heart to hear how much you like my recipes :)   This post will just be for biscuits & cookies (for my US readers, UK biscuits are our cookies).


With there being so many recipes on the internet that are not authentic Scottish shortbread recipes, it has been so nice to see how well these have been received. And my other varieties have been received well too. Here is some photos and feedback.


Facebook group member Alison and her family loved the shortbread recipe & she earned her ‘Scottish Stripes’ from using this recipe. Her family are apparently still raving about it. “The instructions were super easy to follow and they were easy to make”.

2 pic collage of round and finger shape Scottish shortbread by Alison D.

Photo of a Facebook post by Allison S giving feedback on Scottish SHortbread.


Maureen has to use Spelt flour and goats butter, but she successfully makes several of my recipes, using different ingredients. So Maureen confirms how well the recipe works with this particular change of flour and butter. Having made them several times, Maureen had this to say –

2 pic photo of Scottish shortbread cooling and plated with tea by Maureen W.

Partial photo of a Facebook post about shortbread by Maureen W.


Before we became good friends, Diana was always trying my recipes, and one of her family’s favourites, is my shortbread.

Here is a collage of her Scottish Shortbread pics, including with chocolate chips added.

Diana W’s Scottish Shortbread


Here’s Sally’s comments on the shortbread recipe –


Here’s Fozia’s lovely shortbread pics and feedback –


Here’s Shona’s neat shortbread pic, & what she had to say –

2 Pic collage of shortbread bar shaped cookies and one round one slice dinto trianges, and titled with readers name as feedback.


Here’s Helen’s photos of the Cranberry, Pecan & Orange shortbread, and her feedback –

Angled shot of large maple leaf shaped Scottish shortbread cookies with pale green and orange fall colouring by Gail.


Busy baker Gail, used my shortbread recipe to make some Fall leaves inspored biscuits.


Heidi’s shortbread looks so perfect when it is having it’s chill before baking!


Trish used the traditional Scottish shortbread recipe for Christmas gifting, and added 2 types of jam to the centre, and in some chocolate. Here is her feedback:


Fellow food writer Sally, tried my shortbread, and added her own special touch, that had to involve sprinkles 😉 I think they look great Sally. For 11 years of recipes, check out Sally’s website – got to Bewitching Kitchen


Cindy, like many in group, make my shortbread each Christmas. Here are just 2 of here photos she shared with us, as well as some lovely feedback from her recipients.

2 photo collage of plates of Scottish shortbread finger and petti coat tailcookies, some with chocolate chips, by Cindy C.
Scottish shortbread by Cindy C



Laura H used my pecan shortbread recipe, and roasted the nuts, added orange zest & juice, as well as red berries. Here is her feedback:

Laura’s feedback for Cranberry Shortbread

Vicki D

Another group member from Facebook group Great British Bake Off Fans, is Vicki. She made the cranberry shortbread for the holidays, in petticoat tails. (To join the GBBO Fans Facebook group, be sure to answer all questions & say how you found the group.)

I love the look of the thick shortbread and large cranberries in Vicki’s shortbread.

Here’s Vicki’s feedback & rating below:


Sally also made my flavoured shortbread after liking the original recipe.

Large snowflake and Christmas tree shaped Scottish shortbread with orange and cranberry, in a circle pattern, by Diana W.


Here’s Diana trying out my orange, cranberry pecan shortbread, less the nuts. Made using cutters, Diana gifts these at Christmas time.


Photo of large Snowflake shaped Scottish shortbread, ends dipped in chocolate and coconut, arranged around a candle and Christmas decorations, on a red tablecloth, by Diana W.


Here is Diana’s Christmas version of my chocolate & coconut dipped Scottish shortbread. Looking very nice & ready for gifting.

Go to Chocolate & Coconut Scottish Shortbread recipe

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Shona’s Christmas Shortbread

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