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Picnic Worthy Bakes

Overhead shot of a picnic table with basket, flask, napkins, sandwiches, cookies, fruit etc and titled picnic week.

Picnic Worthy Bakes

By Caro

Picnic Time!!

Here are all my current picnic worthy bakes, for anytime you want to enjoy some home baked sweet and savoury snacks & finger foods, on the go.  All suitable for beginner bakers.

For 2023, June 18th is International Picnic Day & Picnic Week is 17th – 25th June for the UK. But if the weather is nice, why not have a picnic any day? So here’s some of my recipes, that I think suitable hand foods for a picnic or even parties and big gatherings. All recipes with step-by-step photos and thorough instructions that you can understand.

90 minute large burger buns with 2 burgers and cheese slices.

90 Minute Burger Buns

If you want to make fresh rolls or burger buns, but don’t have the time for the usual 3 – 4 hours for normal yeast-based recipes, you should try this recipe for 90 Minute Burger Buns. Thorough instructions, measurements in grams, ounces & cups, and they taste great too!

Go to 90 minute burger buns

Quicker Hotdog Buns

Here are some more of my quicker yeast-based recipes:

2 Hour Bagels

2 Hour Turkish Cheese Filled Rolls – Poğaça

3 photo collage of Turkish Poĝaça rolls stacked, halved and showing white cheese parsley, and cheddar filling., with text.
Poğaça – Turkish Cheese Filled Roll Recipe

Quicker Tear-&-Share Dinner Rolls

Quicker Turkish Ramazan Pidesi

Great for a sandwich too

Half moon trail of cheese swirls on a brown backdrop, with trails of chopped spring onion and basil & titled.

Speedy Cheese Swirls

Try my very popular recipe for this quick cheesy snack, that is so easy to make but a crowd pleaser.

Go to Speedy Cheese Swirls recipe.

Overhead shot on dark black table, grey plates with 6 cheese scones, one sliced and buttered and cup of tea.

Cheese Scones

My cheese scones are a savoury version of my popular classic British scones. As ever includes hints and tips to achieve a great rise in your scone.

Go to Cheese Scones recipe

Or watch my Classic Scone Video Tutorial for guidance

Try the Classic British Scone recipe, or my Cranberry Spiced Scones.

Now you can also make my scones in the air fryer & save energy & money.

Air fryer British Scones

Quick Cheese Puff Pastry Swirls

Here’s my simple recipe for making Quick Cheese Puff Swirls, using shop-bought puff pastry, white cheese & dill. A perfect, quick bake, great for entertaining & sure to please your guests. Easy to transport and as a hand-food.

Go to Quick Cheese Puff Pastry Swirls

Tear and share cheese scones by my son, stacked on top of each other.

Tear-&-Share Cheese Scones

If you struggle with scones or are a beginner, try this easier version that are just as tasty.

Click for Easy Tear-&-Share Cheese Scones recipe

Cheese Pastry Twists

Here’s my quick & simple recipe for making Cheese Pastry Twists, using shop-bought puff pastry. A perfect, quick bake, ideal for dipping & snacking on.

Go to Cheese Pastry Twists

Single cheese muffin, showing mozzarrella ouzing out, with title.

Mozzarella & Cheddar Muffins

Another super simply cheese recipe, easy to eat bake, and perfect for picnics.

Go to Mozzarella & Cheddar Muffins recipe

Round shape of dinner rolls, with golden colour and various seed son top, with Quicker Yeast Dinner Rolls title.

Quicker Tear-&-Share Dinner Rolls

These tasty rolls can be made in under 2 hours, and bigger if you like. Includes step-by-step photos & instructions, as well as an almost real-time video.

Click to go to Quicker Tear-&-Share Dinner Rolls recipe

Or watch the video tutorial below.

Partial shot of diagonal long platter of cheesy squares, circles & stars, with a cheese fork.

Easy Peasy Smokin’ Cheezee Squares

A moreish savoury & cheesy snack! Easy Peasy Smokin’ Cheezee Squares are not quite pastry, not quite a cracker, but these cheesy snacks are great anytime!

Go to Easy Peasy Smokin Cheezee Squares recipe

Or try the spicy version like below.

Overhead shot of smoked paprika almonds in a large bowl, with whisky and yellow flower to side.

Smoked Paprika Roasted Almonds

Another great savoury recipe to tryif you aren’t keen on sweet bakes. Super simple to make too.

Go to Smoked Paprika Roasted Almonds recipe


Using a revolutionary new method for working with yeast dough, read my review. See my Savoury Lessons for more recipes.

Go to 90 Minute Italian Breadsticks review

SLice of bulgur pie, with cashews on top and served.

Bulgur Pie (Meat or Vegetarian Version)

Try this recipe I reviewed for a bulger pie, that sets nicely and would be perfect for a picnic. Once set, easy to eat by hand- warm or cold.

Go to Bulgur Pie review

Angled wooden chopping board on white backdrop, with savoury seeed topped biscuits/cookies.


My version of a very moreish savoury biscuit/cookie from Turkey, with some cheese in the dough.

Cheesy Turkish Biscuits

Slice of potato rosti quiche served.

Nadiya Hussain’s Potato Rösti Quiche – A Recipe Review

Read my review on an alternative to a pastry case for this cheese quiche. Can easily be made gluten free.

Go to Potato Rosti Quiche review

Closer photo of a table with tall Victoria sandwich layer cake filled with cream, and slice removed.

Classic Victoria Sandwich Cake

Jam filled Victoria Sandwich cake is also a nice light cake to enjoy in a picnic.

Victoria Sandwich Cake recipe

Slice close up, of orange rhubarb cake on blue plate and titled.

Rhubarb & Orange Cake

This Rhubarb & Orange cake recipe I reviewed would also be great. Rhubarb coming into season now too.

Go to Rhubarb & Orange Cake recipe review.

close shot of 2 finger sof Scottish shortbread with a glass of whisky and bottles to the back.

Authentic Scottish Shortbread

Another simple recipe, with 2 variations – my Cranberry Orange & Pecan Shortbread version, or Chocolate, Coconut & Anise Shortbread.

Go to Traditional Scottish Shortbread

Browned Butter, Nut & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Try my delicious cookies or even check out one of the videos.

Go to Browned Butter, Nut, Chocolate Cookies recipe

Here’s also a link to see more cookies and biscuits for you to try – go to cookie recipes

Mini carrot bundt cakes decorated and on a cooling rack.

Mini Carrot Bundt Cakes With Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

Mini Carrot Bundt Cakes are a smaller scale version of my classic Carrot cake, perfectly paired with an orange cream cheese frosting. Perfect for Easter and Spring simple baking & using up those mini Easter eggs. Or make as a bundt, cupcake or traybake – Carrot Cake Recipes

Perfect beginner baker recipe

Go to Mini Carrot Bundt Cakes

Ore try my Lemon Drizzle Poppy Seed Bundts.

And also some cakes and cupcakes

Individual chocolate tart cut in half on a blue plate served with a strawberry.

Individual Chocolate Tarts

Here’s my thoroughly indulgent, individual chocolate tarts, using shortcrust pastry. My sweet shortcrust recipe is all you need to know to be successful with pastry. Make day ahead and store in the fridge, and take on a picnic in a cool box.

Go to Individual Chocolate Tarts recipe

Extra Accompaniments

Don’t forget other great food items like Easy Lemon Curd, fig & anise curd or plum orange jam. All are great with crackers, or with your scones.

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Happy Baking & Making

Happy Tummies & Memories!

Caro xx

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Picnic Worthy Bakes

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