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Browned butter, and browned butter cookies in particular, isn’t something heard of that much in the UK. But trust me, once you taste how good it makes things, in particular cookies, you will wonder why you never had it before.

It is really simple to make browned butter. It is just that, butter that you have browned. Well technically it’s clarified butter, that has been toasted a little. Now don’t let ‘clarified butter’ put you off. This is so simple to do, and I use it for buttercream fillings in sandwich cookies, as it’s a lot firmer setting than regular buttercream and so ideal. Clarifying the butter, just means separating the fat from the liquid. This is done really simply on the stove top, by gently letting the butter melt, then come to a boil, and left until it changes from a solid yellow colour to more translucent, and a little foamy. As this happens, there will be residue forming at the bottom of the pan. Be sure to keep that, as it’s full of flavour. Especially so, when you leave to cook just a little longer and let the liquid colour change to having a slight brown tinge to it. And at this stage, the clarified butter is browned. Just don’t let it brown too much or it will be burnt.

So here’s a little video of the process. Look out for Browned Butter Nut & Chocolate Cookies recipe. You can also use to make browned butter buttercream.

How To Make Browned Butter Video

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