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International Tea Day, National Tea Day- What To Bake?

6 photo collage of British cakes and bakes, all with tea cups in the photos.

International Tea Day, is 21st May this year (2024), and National Tea Day in the UK, on Sunday 21st April (2024).  What better to accompany your cuppa, than to have some home baked British goodies??  Not just some classic bakes, but easy bakes for beginners too.  

International Tea Day/National Tea Day (UK)

Classic British Bakes To Accompany Your Cuppa

Table with mini gingerbread bundt cakes, tea cup and text 'Tea Day'.
fresh cranberry filled muffin in case, placed inside a small white tea cup with more to the back nd blue napkin and crockery.
Long narrow shot of British scones halved, plated, with cream and jam and berries, on a white table with blue napkin and crockery and teapot.
Photo of a table with tall Victoria sandwich layer cake filled with cream, and slice removed.

Tea with milk in cup and saucer with brownies to the back and totle INternational Tea Day.

National Tea Day UK

21st April 2023 was the late Queen Elizabeth II birthday, so for that year’s Tea Day, The Tea Group collated thousands of selfies with favourite teas, & award winning artist David Arnott would transform in to an art piece. This art would be auctioned off in 2024 and be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital. You can see the selfies with the link below – Tea Selfie In The The Tea Group

International Tea Day

To learn about the history of tea, (and what the most expensive tea is), check out International Tea Day By National Today.

Front on close photo of blue and white Willow crockery, with tea cup ans British scone, and text 'Time For Tea'.

Examples Of Best British Bakes

Earl Grey, Green Tea, Chai Tea, Matcha, Rooibos, English Breakfast tea, Darjeeling tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, or Turkish Çay, whichever tea you prefer, they all are great accompaniements to bakes such as British scone recipes, Scottish Shortbread recipes, Chocolate Digestives, classic pineapple upside-down cake (bundt & air fryer version), and the ever popular Lemon Drizzle Cake.

But for something a little special, try the lemon cake with poppy seeds and bake in cute little mini bundts. You can even add Victoria Sandwich Cake, Classic Carrot Cake, cupcakes or even mini bundts to your cake stand.

Close shot of a stacked british scone filled with cream and jam on blue willowcrockery.
Autumn/Fall biege shades and straw decorations, surrounding white plate on white bright table setting with coffeec ups, and plate of Scottish shortbread round cookies, half coated in chocolate and coconut.
Overhead shot of a bundt pineapple upside-down cake, on pink plate with pink napkin and flowers.
Cream filled layer cake on table with teapot and cup to the side.

Cream Tea & Afternoon Tea

You might like to read about Cream Teas, and Afternoon Tea. I have 2 articles on these, including lots of easy recipes to make too. Click the links below. Afternoon Tea Article A Classic British Cream Tea Article.

Front shot of a table with British cheese scones stacke dona plate to the back, with butter disn, tea cup and halved scone about to be buttered to the front.
Close shot of 2 halves of British chocolate scones topped with jam and cream on whit eplate and pink napkin.
Close square shot of a well risen British scone un cupt and served on British blue and white Willow tableware, with scones to the background.
Well risen cranberry spiced British scone on a plate.

Don’t forget to try my Classic British Scone recipe with video & detailed tutorial for a great rise! Cranberry Orange Scones, the Double Chocolate Orange Scones, Air Fryer Scones or even a Cheese Scone version.

4 photo collage of scones served with cream and strawberries, and mini chocolate bundts, with text 'Strawberries & Cream by Mrs D'.

Mrs D’s Lovely Bakes

Here are just some examples of delicious bakes made by Mrs D, combining her favourite combination – Strawberries & Cream! A perfect accompaniment to your tea.

Pictured are some British Cranberry Orange Scones (top left), Egg & butter-free chocolate mini bundt cakes, (top right) & finally Classic Scones, served with clotted cream and strawberries.

6 photo collage of differnet types of scottish shortbread.

Many many more cakes, traybakes, squares, cupcakes, layer cakes, biscuits & cookies, all perfect with your tea! Click to check out the category pages, or take a look at the Visual Index below:

Cake Page

Biscuits & Cookies page

Spring baking

Pastry Recipes

Front on long shot of a 3 layer funfetti sprinkle cake with piped buttercream on a white table and background.
Overhead shot of a cream cheese frosted carrot layer cake, with mini eggs on top and pastel coloured Easter decorations surrounding it.
Close shot of a slice of golden fruit cake on it's side and served on white plate with fork.

To Accompany The Cakes

Don’t forget some jam or curd to go with your bakes – Easy lemon Curd, Blueberry Orange Curd, Amazing Fig & Anise Curd, Plum & Orange Jam, Creme Pat (Pastry Cream) or Salted Caramel Sauce.

Close shot of a jar of homemade blueberry orange curd, with bloue and white Willow crockery behind.
Overhead phtoo of a white bowl with pastry cream and stewed rhubarb/compote, with a spoon and a pink soft napkin.
Banana bread choc chip muffin halved with salted caramel sauce on top.

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International Tea Day/National Tea Day (UK)

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