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National Carrot Cake Day

Shot of a whit eplate with 4 layer carrot cake slice,, soft pink pastel Spring decorations and mini eggs surrounding it.
It's NATIONAL CARROT CAKE DAY!  Easily a favourite bake in most households, but finding a perfect recipe is not so simple.  Look no further - here's my classic recipe for the layer cake with orange cream cheese frosting.  So versatile, it can be used to make layer cakes, bundts, cupcakes, squares/traybake, mini bundts & even Gluten free too.  Add raisins or nuts if you like. 


The Only Recipe You Will Ever Need

**Thank you Diana for trying lots of my recipes – your photos are lovely.

Facebook Group Competition

We used my recipe for a competition in Facebook group – Great British Bake Off Fans. They really did my recipe proud. Here are just a few pics (Andrea, Diana, Sally, Shona, Victoria & Alison).

collage of readers carrot cakes in different styling.
Carrot cake made by my readers (Andrea, Diana, Sally, Shona, Victoria & Alison)

Video Of Making Carrot Cake


Try my original recipe, that is for 3 or 4 layers, so craming in even more cream cheese filling! OR, you can go minimalistic and make 2 deep layers (see below). Go to Classic Carrot Cake recipe

Old photo of a deep 3 layer carrot cake with lots of cream cheese frosting on top and side sin peaks, with handmade fondant carrots on top and bottom.

Carrot Cake With Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

Shot of a whit eplate with 4 layer carrot cake slice,, soft pink pastel Spring decorations and mini eggs surrounding it.

Carrot Cake With Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

Bundts & Cupcakes

The classic recipe above, can be used to make a large bundt, cupcakes and mini loaf cakes, like Diana did in the photos below. ** Note the Gluten free recipe is for a slightly smaller bundt tin size but more of a standard size.

Overhead shot of a carrot cake baked in a budt pan with cream cheese frosting down the groves and set on a dinning table with titel.

Rectangular basket of mini carrot cake loaves and mini bundt cakes with frosting and tiny carrot toppers.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with fondant carrot toppers.

Carrot cake cupcakes with frosting, on a white cake stand.


Let me show you just how simple it really is to make these cute fondant carrots with my step-by-step photo tutorial. Great for cupcakes or on larger cakes and can be made weeks ahead of time. Go To Fondant Carrot Tutorial

Rows of fondat carrots without their greens, looking very realistic.

Close shot of handmade fondant carrots on top of asmooth frosted carrot cake.

Overhead shot of a cream cheese topped carrot bundt cake with pecans on top, on a red and glass cake stand and with Easter Spring time decorations.

Side shot of a slice of gluten free carrot bundt cake with cream cheese frosting, served on a white plate.

This carrot cake have also be developed using Gluten-free flour, and in a medium sized bundt cake tin too! (See above) – Go to Gluten Free Carrot Bundt Cake recipe.

Mini Bundts & Traybake & Squares

Closer shot of platter of 8 carrot cake square pieces, 4 with pecans on top of the cream cheese frosting.

carrot cake square with cream cheese frosting and pecan piece on a white plate and more cake behind.

Mini carrot bundt cakes decorated and on a cooling rack.

3 Mini carrot bundt cakes with mini eggs and Easter Mini Carrot Bundts title.

Or how about a smaller carrot cake? Try the mini carrot bundt cakes, or even a carrot cake tray bake, cut into carrot cake squares. (Photos above). All with an orange cream cheese frosting.

More Reader Photos

Here’s the classic recipe made using cupcakes cakes & a different bundt tin (thanks for the photos Diana!)

Go to Carrot Cake recipe

For more Easter & Spring themed recipes – click to go to Easter & Spring recipes

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Carrot Cake day

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