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Strawberry Recipes

strawberries and blueberries in gold dish.
For Strawberry Day, Strawberry Picking Day, or National Strawberry Month, here are some easy and tasty recipes, using the wonderful strawberry!

Strawberry Recipes

So there really is a ‘Day’ for every type of food or bake. You just have to Google it 🙂 So in honour of STRAWBERRY DAY I have listed below all the recipes involving strawberries in some way. Further down, I have also added some recipes with other fruits, that would work well with strawberries as a substitution.

Not Just A Summer Fruit

Contrary to common believe, strawberries are not a summer fruit. With there being over 100 species and subspecies, as well as being in season at different times, in different cities and countries, they are in season longer than we think.

Strawberry cream topped Victoria Sandwich

Overhead shot of white dinner table with linen and crockery surrounding a stawberry, blueberry and raspberry covered cream layer cake called Summer Berry Griestorte.


Try my fruit covered Genoise cream cake, that is so simple to make. Make a smaller or taller cake & decorate how you wish.

Go to Summer Berry Griestorte recipe

Square Overhead photo of small bowl of red strawberry puree and measuring cup of pink strawberry buttercream and strawberries on a white table.

STRAWBERRY REDUCTION – A Concentrated Puree For Baking

My lesson on making a concentrated strawberry puree (also known as a strawberry reduction), to produce a deeper flavour and colour, than a simple puree. Use in your buttercream, as just one example.

Strawberry Puree Reduction

Examples To Use Strawberry Reduction

Pink backed list of benefits for making a starwberry reduction/concentrated puree, for baking.

Partial of Pink mousse in ring shape with halved strawberries cream and mint.


Try this old rationing style recipe for a light strawberry mousse. Can easily be made vegetarian with veggie jelly. See below, where I made in glass ramekin dishes.

Go to Strawberry Mousse Recipe recipe

Ideas For Serving With Strawberries

Raspberry Victoria sandwich layer cake with berries on top, served with china tea service and named.


This recipe has a raspberry jam swirl through the sponge, but you could easily use strawberry jam and decorate with fresh strawberries and cream, (made her by Mrs D).

Go To Raspberry Swirl Victoria Sandwich Recipe

There is also a cupcake version – go to Raspberry Ripple cupcake recipe

Diana's scones on wooden tree board, served with cream, jam and strawberries.

Serve With British Scones

Here’s my popular Scones recipe, made by Mrs D, and served with strawberries as well as strawberry preserve from Lidl.

Go to Scones Recipe

Make your own strawberry jam using my Jam recipe, and serve with scones.

Layered meringue rings with cream and strawberrie sin-between and chocolate dipped strawberries on top.


Here’s a recipe Mrs D tried – a crown layered pavlova. Layers of meringue rings, fresh whipped cream, strawberries and some chocolate dipped strawberries too!

Go to Crown Layered Pavlova recipe

2 layer Genoise sponge cake, witn  lot sof cream, strawberries and cherries.


Here Mrs D used my recipe to make a basic Genoise sponge cake & decorated with fresh cream and summer fruits -especially strawberries!!

See below the OLD video of how to make the Genoise sponge –

Mrs D's stack tower of brownies, with half chocolate dipped strawberries and happy birthday label.


Here Mrs D stacked my brownie recipe into a cake and took it up a notch by dipping strawberries in chocolate as decoration.

Go to my different brownie recipes including browned butter hazelnut, chocolate orange & seasonal brownies.


Some more recipes – Raspberry Jam Sponge Squares, Coconut Paradise Slices, or Flour-Free Chocolate Swiss/Jelly Roll. Or use my Plum Jam recipe , or Fig Curd recipe, using strawberries instead. Try my Individual Chocolate Tarts, below.

Slices of strawberry on a chopping board.


Here are some recipes developed or tested by two of my friends & fellow food bloggers – Sally Newton @ Bewitching Kitchen & Tanya Clark Ott @ Global Bakes. You might recognise them, as they both were bakers on 2019’s series/season of The Great American Baking Show Holiday Edition. Here are some of their recipes on their websites.

4 photo collage of desserts and bakes by Tanya at Global Bakes, with strawberry ingredients.

Tanya Clark Ott from GLOBAL BAKES

Here are some of Tanya’s strawberry recipes she has on her website:

Classic Eton Mess, Strawberry Pavlova Wreath, Queen Of Puddings, Strawberry Filling and Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Without Pectin.

Pastry puffs with cream and strawberry slice.

Shot of sliced strawberries and raspberries on a white chopping board, with bluebrries in a plate and knife to side.


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Strawberry Recipes

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