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Brownies For Any Season Or Occasion – Christmas, Halloween and more

6 photo collage of various decorated brownie squares with seasonal brownies title.

Brownies For Any Season Or Occasion

Once you have my popular recipe for gooey chocolate brownies, all you need is some sprinkles & glaze, to make Brownies For Any Season Or Occasion!  No special tools, ingredients or experience needed.  Just pick up some seasonal, themed or coloured sprinkles that are available inexpensively & in most places, and use melted chocolate or glaze to attach and decorate.
Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Birthdays & More
Customize Easily & Quickly
By Caro

Holiday Brownies – Halloween, Christmas & More

Brownies are not boring or plain & taste amazing in the classic version or flavoured with some other yummy additions (see my recipe round up recipes below). But you can also decorate them for any season or occasion.

So here are just a few possible ideas for how you can very easily decorate, and make them look a little more special, and fit in with any theme you are going with.

Overhead shot on black backdrop of a wooden paddle with 3 black tile squares housing 3 different Halloween brownie squares, with Halloween decorations and titled Halloween Brownies.

Halloween Brownies

Decorate your brownies for Halloween, with some sprinkles or decorate with a simple glaze. Pipe fine lines to make a spider’s web, or a few lines for bandages, and add on candy eyes to make a ‘Mummy Brownie’.

Close angled shot of a chocolate brownie piece, with candy eyes and glaze to look like a bandaged Mummy for Halloween.
Halloween Brownies

Photo overhead of black background of 4 sheets of parchment with browie squares all decorated for birthday, christmasm Hallowee.

All of these can be added once the brownies are cooled. Use some glaze or melted chocolate to stick the sprinkles & candy eyes in place. Cut the brownies into 16 pieces, & you can let the kids have fun, decorating them all differently.

Angled close photo of white platter of brownie squares decorated with Christmas sprinkles.

Christmas Brownies

Brownies look great with any sprinkles, but even more festive with colours like red, white and green. Add silver or gold and make them sparkle more. Or grab a multi tub of themed sprinkles and add gingerbread men, reindeers, stars, etc.

Glue the larger sprinkles in place with glaze or melted chocolate, or drizzle a glaze and just ‘sprinkle’ those sprinkles on haha!

Pic of 4 brownie squares decorated and one completely with white glaze and holly berry sprinkles and titled christmas pudding brownie.

Spread glaze, white chocolate or candy melts all over a brownie square, and let it drip down the sizes. Add some holly and berry sprinkles while still wet, and you have yourselves an easy ‘Christmas Pudding’ Brownie!

(I wished I had my old 3d type of berry and holly sprinkles when I did this photo, but you get the idea. I since managed to source them in Wilkos with the 3d Gingerbread ones – so happy!)

Overhead photo on white table of white platter and brownie squares with glaze and sprinkles and soft pink colours.

Birthday & Celebration Brownies

Birthday brownies for kids can be decorated with the colour or theme of their birthday party. Or their favourite toy or character. You can get sprinkles in many shapes these days. And lots of the bargain stores in the UK, such as B&M, Home Bargains, Aldi & Lidl, even sell them inexpensively too.

These pink and lilac unicorns are Poundshop srinkles, and are perfect for a little girl who loves unicorns.

Extra close shot of a brownie square with glaze drizzled lines and pink and lica unicorns and pearl sprinkles with unicorn sprinkles title.

You can also sometimes find sprinkles in the icecream aisles. Even chocolates like smarties can be added. You can get lots of different coloured chocolate candies now so easy to find something to fit your colour scheme.

Favourite chocolate bars could also be used by just breaking into pieces and adding partially on top of the brownies.

Overhead shot of mini egg topped brownies on a blue plate, on a SPring themed table, with one slice served & titled Spring Baking.

Easter & Spring Brownies

For my Easter & Spring brownie version, I simply topped off with seasonal mini chocolate eggs.

Immediately on removing the brownie from the oven, you need to add your mini chocolate eggs. I wanted some in the centre of each brownie square, so lined them up in a pattern, imagining where the cut lines would be. Cutting the brownie at this stage is not an option. You could just add the eggs on once cooled and cut, by sticking in place with melted chocolate.

Stack of chocolate orange brownies with fondant orange slices and hazelnut caramel decorations.

Brownie Tower or Brownie Stack

One of my most popular pins on Pinterest is my Brownie Stack or Brownie Tower. This has become very popular as an alternative to traditional birthday cakes.

Easily use the favourite flavour or chocolates, and add after constructing a birthday brownie stack. My photo tutorial for the stack includes how to make chocolate orange brownies, the hazelnut spikes with hard caramel, & fondant orange slices.

2 photo collage of before and after practice for a bronwie stack by Mrs D.

Here is a photo above by Mrs D who is my right-hand woman, recipe tester & food photography student. Here is a before and after photo. It really shows how taking a little time to stage your photos and keep things in the background simple, to make your bake stand out. I think she did an amazing job! And makes these each year for her son who doesn’t like birthday cake.

Brownie Tips

Here are some tips for Brownie success, to achieve a proper gooey brown & not just a chocolate cake:

Whisking Eggs & Sugar

The secret to my popular brownies is whisking the sugar & eggs for 5 minutes, till mousse like, very pale in colour and with a noticeable increase in volume.

Close shot of plate with brownie slice with hazelnuts.

Gentle Folding

Like in making a Genoise sponge, you don’t want to knock out air you just spent time incorporating. So when adding more ingredients, you want to fold them in. Silicone is better than metal, and do so as if you were writing a number 8 in the batter. Where your batter is your paper and the spatula you pen. Be sure to not miss the bottom of the bowl but don’t over mix.

Don’t Over-bake

Brownies should not look like a chocolate cake but be gooey in the middle. So getting out the oven before you would normally for cakes is the key here. The cocktail stick test should be clean of crumbs for the outer edge of the brownie, but slightly wet and with crumbs in the centre.

Brownies & bitesize on a biege round plate on a pale blue background with yellow flowers and green napkin

Easier & Neater Cutting

My recipes below also include tips for cutting the brownies easier and with a neater edge. But here are a few tips. After cooling the baked brownies for about 15 minutes in the tin on a cooling rack, pop in the fridge while still in the tin. Leave for about 1 hour. You can remove from the tin now with the paper and find it easier to cut, with a large sharp knife. Wipe the knife with each cut too.

Alternatively, leave the brownies in the tin to cool at room temperature. Wrap with cling film/plastic wrap and leave out overnight to cut much easier next day. This produces the cleanest of cuts and gives the brownies time to settle and be more fudge like. Same day they are more gooey in the centre.

Big scoop of mint choc chip icecream on top of a brownie served with strawberries up close.

Brownies With Mint Icecream

Classic brownies go so well with ice-cream, and this combination with Lidl’s Gelati Mint Choc Chip ice-cream, is no exception.

Not only does it look stunning with the contrasting colours and textures, but tastes out of this world! (or so my husband tells me and he is hard to please haha).

Also highly rate their strawberry ice-cream too. I even keep the used ice-cream tubs for left -over food. So no waste either.

Protein brownie served with mint choc icecream and strawberries and Lid brand text.

Full disclosure, I am in no way sponsored by Lidl, but just love their products for baking & cooking and even their baking equipment too. So worth a visit if you want to cut costs with the cost of living crisis. There is no need for you to pay more for something that is often no better that what Lidl sells.

New Brownie Video below:

Brownies For Any Season Or Occasion

Recipe Round-up

These are all recipes with Recipe Cards. These can be easily printed, shared or saved. You also have the option to print with or without the process photos or notes. Try the cool feature called ‘Cook Mode’ (before Equipment). This allows you to use the recipe while baking & your phone screen won’t go dark, (right in middle when your hands are all messed up haha). So toggle it on and the button will be blue when on.

Mini Egg Gooey Brownies
Let me show you how to make perfect gooey brownies and not just another chocolate cake. This time with the addition of Easter chocolate mini eggs
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Brownies on a plate and then a single served, with an Easter Spring setting.
Browned Butter Hazelnut Brownies
Here’s my new Chocolate brownie recipe, but this time, with browned butter & hazelnuts. With the same gooey texture, these Browned Butter Hazelnut Brownies are as addictive as my classic version.
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Browned Butter hazelnut Brownies
Let me show you how to make perfect gooey brownies and not just another chocolate cake.
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Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Orange Brownie Tower With Hazelnut Spikes
Using my new Chocolate Orange Brownie recipe, as well as my Browned Butter Hazelnut Brownies, I created the 'Chocolate Orange Brownie Tower'. This is the ultimate celebration cake involving a 'brownie stack', that anyone can make.
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stack of brownies with hazelnut spikes and fondant orange slices on a green plate on a pale background with candle, plates, forks and party poppers

Reader’s Photos

Here are just some of the reader pics from using my brownie recipes. Their brownies look amazing!

Photo on black background of plate of mint icecream and browie and strawberries, with protein brownies ingredient list.

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Photo on black background of plate of mint icecream and browie and strawberries, with protein brownies ingredient list.

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Photo overhead of black background of 4 sheets of parchment with browie squares all decorated for birthday, christmasm Hallowee.
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