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Mini Egg Gooey Brownies

Brownies on a plate and then a single served, with an Easter Spring setting.

Mini Egg Gooey Brownies

By Caro

Here's my Easter & Spring version, of my popular brownies.  Mini Egg Gooey Brownies, are perfect chocolate squares of delight, topped off with seasonal mini eggs.

Close up of a plate of several brownie squares, with mini chocolate eggs on top, and with recipe title

A Great Recipe

If you like gooey and fudgy chocolate brownies, then you will love my recipe for Mini Egg Gooey Brownies. Try my technique to achieve the perfect brownies. Only takes a few more minutes, but once you have tried them, you will never use a different brownie recipe again. It’s super simple too!

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My Other Brownie Recipes

This time the brownies are with mini Easter eggs added to them, but you can also check out my Browned Butter & Hazelnut Brownies, or my Chocolate Orange Brownies Used For A Brownie Tower. (See Photos above).

Key To Perfect Brownies

Now getting brownies right is by no means hard, and only takes a few minutes more of gentle mixing and getting out of the oven a bit sooner than if you were making a chocolate cake or tray bake. The secret is whisking the sugar and eggs for 5 minutes till mousse-like, very pale in colour and with a noticeable increase in volume size. So after this you don’t want to mix in as normal.

How To ‘Fold’ In Baking

The best way is to fold the other ingredients in the shape of an ‘8’. As if you were writing the number 8; where the spatula is your pen & the batter your paper. And in doing so, only until all the flour is no longer visible. Over mixing can also ruin the brownie texture you are looking for.

close up of the mini egg chocolate brownie, served with a cake fork on a white plate.

A Note On Brownie Ingredients

Cocoa & Chocolate

There is cocoa powder in the chocolate brownie and I use inexpensive dark (bitter) chocolate for the gooey centre chunks and it works well for these, with milk/semi-sweet chocolate melted and added to the batter. (Lidl or Aldi’s basic range of chocolate is fine for this. So no need for a higher cocoa content chocolate).

Note the brownies are very rich, but go nicely with some ice-cream or whipped cream! Mint ice-cream is my husband’s favourite accompaniment to the brownies

Mini Eggs

For this time making the mini egg brownies, I used Cadbury’s Mini Eggs (100g). These have a hard outer shell, in pastel, Spring-like colours. I had also came across Hershey’s Cookies-N-Creme Mini Eggs (75g/2.5 oz) in B&M for about £1. Having never tried Hershey’s (this is hard to find in the UK), I decided to try these on the brownies too. These were all chocolate, with no outer shell, so when adding to the brownies, don’t push it down into the brownies, as the heat will start it to melt. Eggs with shells, are fine for this.

See photo above, and how I used with my Easter Devil’s Food Bundt Cake recipe.

How Many Eggs Needed?

I gave rough estimates for the amount of eggs needed. If you only want one egg on each brownie, then 16 will be enough. For 1 whole egg and some broken, 30-32 would be enough and from my research, a 100g pack of the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, would be enough. For the Hershey’s they split in half really easily and the bag was 75g, so more than enough.

Any mini eggs you like, will all work fine.

Partial shot of brownie squares with mini eggs, with glass of milk to the back.

A Note On Tin Size

I recommend a baking tin approximately 23 x 23 cm (9″ square). Don’t use too small a pan/tin or it will take too long to cook because of the increased depth. I wouldn’t recommend going any smaller than a 20x20cm/8″ square tin.

You want a dish where the sum of the length + width is about 46 cm (18″), and not much more, or they will be too thin and you run the risk of over-baking too.

Example: a 20x25cm (8×10″) baking tin (20+25=45cm, or 8+10″=18″).

Square tin, with cut to fit, parchment paper and a spray bottle of frylight to greas ein place.

Greasing The Tin

I used Frylight Cooking Spray for greasing & lining the tin.  Works great for silicone bundt cases too.  Comes in different types like butter or extra virgin olive oil.  Go to Frylight website.

Note Frylight are not sponsoring this recipe post & I am recommending because I frequently use it & find it great as well as inexpensive, for baking. Purchase in places such as Lidl, Aldi, B&M, Home Bargains, at a lower price.

An alternative, and favourite is home made lining paste. This is like cake-release spray, but in paste form. Sometimes known as ‘Cake Goop’, this is so easy to make at home. It is less expensive, and is vegetarian, vegan & can be made gluten-free. Learn how to make home made cake Lining paste.

Close and angled shot showing a slice of brownie and it's gooey texture

Gluten Free Gooey Brownies

I should point out too, that this recipe can also be used with Gluten Free plain/all purpose flour and in the exact same amount, just bake a little longer and add Xanthum Gum.  See photo of the gluten free one. I will make again soon, and take new pics.

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Rating: 2 out of 5.

What Is In A Brownie?

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Mini Egg Gooey Brownies

Recipe Card

Mini Egg Gooey Brownies

Brownies on a plate and then a single served, with an Easter Spring setting.
Let me show you how to make perfect gooey brownies and not just another chocolate cake. This time with the addition of Easter chocolate mini eggs
Caro @ Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Cooling Time 35 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Serving Size 16 pieces


  • Scales or measuring cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Microwave safe bowl to hold butter & chocolate
  • Microwave or use stove top for melting
  • Spoons (several)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Sieve
  • Stand/Hand-held Mixer
  • Plastic/silicone baking spatula
  • Baking tin (approximately 23 x 23 cm (9in square). Don’t use too small a dish or it will take too long to cook.  You want the sum of the length + width to be about & not to exceed 46 cm (18 inches) or they will be too thin).
  • Spray, lining paste or butter for greasing
  • Baking/parchment paper
  • Scissors & pen/pencil (optional)
  • Timer
  • Wooden Cocktail stick
  • Cooling rack


  • 185 grams Butter, unsalted & cubed  (1 stick + ⅓ cup or 6.5 oz)
  • 185 grams Milk chocolate  (6.5 oz semi-sweet)
  • 200 grams Granulated sugar (1 cup, 7 oz) plus
  • 75 grams Light Brown Sugar (⅓ cup, 2.5 oz) OR 275g/9.75/1⅓ cup Golden Granulated Sugar.
  • 3 Medium Eggs (US Large)
  • 85 grams Plain Flour (⅔ cup, 3 oz All Purpose Flour)
  • 40 grams Cocoa Powder (⅓ cup, 1.5 oz)
  • 100 grams Dark Chocolate  (3.5 oz bitter chocolate)
  • 75-100 grams Mini Easter Eggs (2½ – 3½ oz, estimated. See notes)


  • Break up the 185g/6.5oz  milk/semi-sweet chocolate & microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring well in-between each, until nearly melted. Then add in the cubed butter & mix well & then continue heating & mixing till all melted. Leave to cool while you gather the other ingredients. Alternatively, melt in a bowl over a pan of barely simmering water.
  • Weigh out the flour & cocoa through a sieve into another bowl (not the main mixing bowl).
    Paper linined square tin greased with a bottle of Frylight cooking spray - photo 1.
  • Grease the baking tin & place baking paper/parchment inside it.  See photo 1 above. If you want to learn how to cut your paper to fit a square tin and not run the risk of the paper falling into the brownies while baking, read my Lining Cake Tins Lesson. I usually hold the paper in position with Frylight baking/cooking spray (see Photo 1 above), or use my home made Cake Lining Paste
    Adding eggs and sugar to the bowl and whisking a lot till thick creamy and leaves a trail - photo 2.
  • Next whisk the eggs & sugar with a hand/stand mixer for approximately 4 – 5 mins, on medium to high speed. It must become thick & creamy, paler in colour & increased in volume. This is the key to these gooey brownies. See Photo 2 above.
  • Gently fold in the melted chocolate/butter with a plastic/silicone baking spatula & do so in the shape of a number 8.  Mixing too vigorously will undo all the whisking from earlier. Mix just until all mixed in and no more. See photo 3 above.
  • Next re-sieve the flour & cocoa mixture, into the batter. Mix it in again like before until no flour is visible, and scraping down the sides too. See Photo 4 above.
  • Roughly chop the remaining 100g/3.5 oz dark/bitter chocolate & finally fold into the batter just till evenly distributed. See Photo 5 below.
  • Pour the brownie batter into the prepared pan & level off if required.  See Photo 5 above. Leave to sit so that it will form a crust later. (Leave at least 10 mins). Heat up the oven to: 180°c/160°c Fan oven/350°f/Gas mark 4 while the brownie sits.
  • Bake for about 18 – 25 minutes, turning the tray if needed, after half-way through. The top will have formed the crust, (see photo 6 below). Testing with a wooden cocktail stick, & the outer edges produce a clean stick whist the centre is a little moist with just a few crumbs. This is what we want.  
    brownies baked cooling photo 6.
  • Immediately on removing from the oven, you need to add your mini chocolate eggs. You use whole ones (depending on the size), or cut in half. Some are easier to cut in half than others. I used Cadbury's Mini Eggs and chopped some of them. I also used Hershey's white chocolate eggs. Since I cut the brownies into 16 squares, I wanted the eggs to be in the centre of each brownie square. And so positioned the eggs in a pattern, as seen in photo 7 below, and then added on some cut eggs too. For the hard shelled Mini Eggs, you can push down slightly into the brownie. However, if the egg is just all chocolate, it will start to melt with the residual heat form the brownies. So don't push those ones in.
  •  Leave the brownies to sit to cool down in the tin for 5 minutes.  Then transfer via the paper, to the cooling rack to cool down completely before cutting into 16 squares. See Photo 8 below. See also tips in the notes for cooling quicker & cutting easier. 
  • Store left-overs in an airtight container for a few days.
    close up of the mini egg chocolate brownie, served with a cake fork on a white plate.



*Type of chocolate can be adjusted to taste, just note however, that these brownies are very rich, so both chocolate being dark/bitter chocolate would maybe be too much.  Also if using half dark/bitter chocolate, there is no need for higher cocoa content chocolate.
*Can be made gluten free, see main recipe post.
Partial shot of brownie squares with mini eggs, with glass of milk to the back.
*Don’t skip the 5 minute mixing of the eggs and sugar stage, as this is key for gooey brownies. 
*I used Frylight Cooking Spray for greasing & lining the tin.  Works great for silicone bundt cases too.  Comes in different types like butter or extra virgin olive oil.  Go to Frylight website.  Note Frylight are not sponsoring this recipe post & I am recommending because I frequently use it & find it great as well as inexpensive, for baking.
*Mini Eggs – I used some Cadbury’s Mini Eggs (100g/3.5 oz) & Hershey’s Cookies-N-Creme Mini Eggs (75g/2.5 oz). 
*Brownies can be cut easier if left overnight to cool, or placed in the fridge to speed up cooling, about 15 minutes after coming out of the oven. (Place tin and all in the fridge).
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Partial shot of a SPring Easter table with a served slice of the mini egg topped brownie and a glass of milk.

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Close up of a mini egg topped brownie slice.

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Mini Egg Gooey Brownies

Caroline’s Easy Baking Lessons

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    Love your brownies as it’s the best recipe I have made. My son has to have a brownie tower as a birthday cake. What a great idea to add mini eggs for Easter. Grandchildren loved them.

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    Had to leave a rating for this – I use your basic brownie recipe all the time as everyone loves it. With the mini eggs it looks so pretty. Will add the eggs new Easter time. Thanks again for another great recipe

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