Food Days For Food Bloggers & Bakers 2021

It still amazes me the amount of ‘Food Day’ there are. There are National ones in the states, a few in the UK and then some world ‘days’. It’s even expanded into ‘weeks’ & ‘months’ too. But if it educates and inspires people to bake something they wouldn’t normally, then I am all for it. And because it’s not always worldwide there is sometimes an over-lap and 2 ‘days’ in one year. But hey, for us food bloggers, food developers and bakers, it’s a a win win, where we can showcase our recipes, be it on-line, in social media or at home with our family and friends.

So here is a list of 2021’s ‘Food Days’ & ‘Food Weeks’. Please note it is not a full list, but rather what I find applicable to our industry. If you want you can download and save to your phone or computer, by simply clicking the ‘download’ button below.


1st – 31stVeganuary Month
2ndNational Buffet Day (US)
4thNational Spaghetti Day (US)
12thNational Marzipan Day (US)
15thNational Bagel Day (US)
23rdNational Pie Day (US)
International Sticky Toffee Pudding Day
25thBurns Night
27thInternational Chocolate Cake Day
30thNational Croissant Day
31stNational Hot Chocolate Day
January Food Days

5thWorld Nutella Day
7thBritish Yorkshire Pudding Day
9thNational Pizza Day
12thChinese (Lunar) New Year
14thValentine’s Day
16thShrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday)
National Almond Day (US)
20-28thReal Bread Week
22ndNational Margarita Day
26thNational Pistachio (US)27th
27thNational Strawberry Day
February Food Days

1stPeanut Butter Lover’s Day (US)
1st – 8thBritish Pie Week
14thMother’s Day (UK)
16thSt. Patrick’s Day
19thRed Nose Day (UK)
25thInternational Waffle Day
26thNational Spinach Day (US)
March 2021 Food Days

4thInternational Carrot Day
4thEaster Sunday
7thWorld Health Day
19thNational Garlic Day (US)
20thAllergy Awareness Week
21stNational Tea Day
April 2021 Food Days

1st-8thDementia UK’s Time For A Cuppa
5thCinco de Mayo
8th-16thNational Doughnut Week (Children’s Trust)
***Postponed to 10th – 18th July***
9thMother’s Day (US, Other Countries)
10th-16thSugar Awareness Week
10th-16thNational Vegetarian Week
11th-16thCoeliac Awareness Week (UK)
13thInternational Hummus Day
14thNational Buttermilk Biscuit Day (US)
15thWorld Whisky Day
16th-22ndBritish Sandwich Week
21stInternational Tea Day
24th-6 JuneBritish Tomato Fortnight
28thInternational Hamburger Day
29thNational Biscuit Day (US)
May 2021 Food Days

1stWorld Milk Day
4thNational Doughnut Day
10thNational Iced Tea Day
12thInternational Falafel Day
14th-27thNational BBQ Week
14th-18thHealthy Eating Week
15thBeer Day (UK)
18thInternational Sushi Day
20thFather’s Day
22nd-28thNational Picnic Week (UK)
25thNational Cream Tea Day
26thNational Coconut Day (US)
June Food Days 2021

1st-30th National Picnic Month (US)
7thWorld Chocolate Day
10-18thNational Doughnut Week (Children’s Trust)
16thNational Cherry Day
17thHotdog Day
21stNational Lamingtons Day (Aus)
July 2021 Food Days

6thInternational Beer Day
9th-15thNational Allotments Week
9th-15thAfternoon Tea Week
16thNational Rum Day
19thNational Potato Day (US)
26thNational Burger Day
August 2021 Food Days

1st-30thSourdough Starter Month
Organic September
Honey Month (US)
4thMacadamia Nut Day
5th-20thScottish Food & Drink Fortnight
12thChocolate Milkshake Day (US)
13thInternational Chocolate Day
Peanut Day (US)
18th-3rd Oct.British Food Fortnight
19thCheeseburger Day (US)
25thMacMillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
26hNational Dumpling Day
Pancake Day (US)
September 2021 Food Days

1stInternational Coffee Day
National Pumpkin Spice Day (US)
World Vegetarian Day
7th-14thNational Seafood Week
8thWorld Egg Day
9thInternational Beer & Pizza Day
10thAngel Food Cake Day (US)
11thThanks Giving (Canada)
16thWorld Food Day
18thChocolate Cupcake Day (US)
20thInternational Chefs’ Day
21stApple Day
22ndNational Nut Day (UK & US)
25thWorld Pasta Day
26thNational Pumpkin Day (US)
TBACoffee Week (UK)
October 2021 Food Days

1st-30thWorld vegan Day (1st)
World Vegan Month
2ndDay Of The Dead (Dia de los Muertos)
3rdWorld Sandwich Day
5thBonfire Night (Guy Fawkes)
6thNational Tacho day (US)
9thNational Greek Yoghurt Day (US)
10thNational Vanilla Cupcake Day (US)
14thWorld Diabetes Day
17thHomemade Bread Day (US)
Baklava (US)
21stStir-Up Sunday
23rdNational Espresso Day (US)
25thThanksgiving (US)
28thFrench Toast Day (US)
November 2021 Food Days

4thNational Cookie Day (US)
8thBrownie Day (US)
9thNational Pasta Day (US)
13thNational Cocoa Day (US)
14thBiscuits & Gravy Day (US)
17thMaple Syrup Day
19thOatmeal Muffin Day (US)
25th Christmas Day
31stNew Year’s Eve
December 2021 Food Days

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