LESSON STRUCTURE – How The Baking Lessons Work

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I have re-structured the lessons on this new improved version of my website. I include Sweet, Savoury & Theory Lessons. The Theory Lessons as the name suggests is about how things work and information you need to know to equip yourself and will sometimes also be video based. The Sweet & Savoury lessons will be your practical work and in some occasions these will be accompanied by video tutorials also.

About The Lessons

The practical lessons will be in ‘three’s’. By that I mean 3 recipes of a common theme. For example Sweet Lessons 4 – 6 are biscuits & cookies.

The earliest recipes, will be the most simple and easy for beginners and I have structured the lessons in such a way, not only to get more difficult as you proceed, but also to develop your skills at a more realistic and practical way. There is no point a complete beginner jumping in and trying to make puff pastry for example.

I want you to be the best you possibly can, equipped with the best and thorough recipes, knowledge and in time experience that you will no longer need me.

Order Of Lessons

The lessons begin with Theory Lesson 1, and then you proceed onto Sweet Lesson 1.  Before moving onto Savoury Lesson 1, read Theory Lesson 2.  So there will generally be a theory lesson between each sweet & savoury lesson.  This will not only equip you with the information you need, but also mean if you aren’t able to get baking supplies or equipment, or don’t have much time, you can still be learning and becoming a better baker.

Lesson Order Example:
  • Theory Lesson 1, then complete
  • Sweet Lesson 1, then
  • Theory Lesson 2, then
  • Savoury Lesson 1..
  • Theory Lesson 3..
  • Sweet Lesson 2..
  • Theory Lesson 4..
  • Savoury Lesson 2 and so on…..

But don’t worry if you forget, as I will mention at the bottom of each lesson, what the next lesson is, and also provide a direct link to it. 

Get Yourself A Notebook/Journal

Also, I highly recommend getting yourself a notebook or folder.  Not only will it be helpful if there is no internet connection, but you can use it to keep track of where you are at and write any additional notes you wish along the way.  Such as how long a certain cake takes to fully bake in your own oven. You could also use it to write questions to ask me

***I find it always useful to be able to take notes at the time of the bake, of anything that occurred or you did differently, as with time you can forget.  You could even use a folder, and print off all the lessons.

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Have fun learning and baking!

Caro x


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