Summer Berry Griestorte

Summer Berry Griestorte A Light Cream Filled Genoise Layer Cake By Caro This Summer Berry Griestorte, is a light cream filled Genoise layer cake, packed with beautiful berries. Includes tips for a successful Genoise. Now for many bakers, when they hear Genoise cake mentioned, shy away from trying it. For some it can result in […]

Lamingtons – Australia’s Light Coconut Sponge Cakes

LAMINGTONS Australia’s Light Coconut Sponge Cakes By Caro Lamingtons are Australia’s light, coconut Sponge cakes made from a Genoise sponge. Traditionally dipped in chocolate and then coated in coconut, raspberry jam is a popular alternative. Origins Of Lamingtons Lamingtons originated in Queensland, Australia, and were first published in Queensland Country Life newspaper in 1900. It’s […]