World Baking Day Recipes

World Baking Day Recipes By Caro 17th May 2022 marks World Baking Day! Yeh! Now every single day should be Baking Day, but it’s still great that there is a day to recognise and promote the beauty that is baking. History shows that baking might have been around for more than 14 thousand years.  And […]

National Carrot Cake Day

CARROT CAKE DAY The Only Recipe You Will Ever Need By Caro It’s NATIONAL CARROT CAKE DAY! Easily a favourite bake in most households, but finding a perfect recipe is not so simple. Look no further – here’s my classic recipe for the layer cake with orange cream cheese frosting. So versatile, it can be […]

Cake Recipes Page

Here is a comprehensive list of all the ‘Cake Recipes’ on this new verison of the website. Layer cakes, traybakes, squares, cupcakes, muffins, bundt cakes, mini cakes. I have it covered, with various flavours, textures, and skill levels. Something for everyone.

Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes

Beginner’s Cupcake/Frosting Tutorial Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes – Sweet Lesson 2 I got this recipe idea from Good Housekeeping’s Marbled Victoria Sandwich recipe, and made it work for cupcakes.  It’s one of the easiest cupcakes you can make so Lesson No.2 for beginner bakers.      ***ALWAYS read the recipe through well before planning to do it […]