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Easy St Patrick’s Day Bakes

Plate of shamrock shaped sandwich cookies on a green plate with St Patricks day title.

Easy St Patrick’s Day Bakes

By Caro

Here are a few super simple recipe ideas for St. Patrick's Day.

VCanilla sandwich cookies shaped in shamrocks.

Shamrock Soft Sandwich Cookies

Super simple, but easily customizable, Jam Sandwich Sugar Cookies. Perfect with raspberry jam and powdered sugar on top, these are easier to make than you think. Use a shamrock shaped cutter, and these are fit for any St. Patrick’s Day table.

Go to St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Sandwich Cookies

Cupcake with green piped frosting like grass, with a candy rainbow like shape and one like a pot of gold with gold sprinkles on top.

‘Pot Of Gold’ Cupcakes

Here’s an easy lemon drizzle & blueberry cupcake recipe, that you cna have fun decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. Topped with lemon buttercream, coloured green and piped to represent grass, use sweets/candy to represent a ‘Pot Of Gold’ scene. great for kids to do too.

Go to Pot Of Gold St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

Chocolate & Mint Shamrock Sandwich Cookies

These are my take on an Oreo and this time shaped using shamrock shaped cutters. Just use mint extract & green food colouring in your filling for a Chocolate mint version.

Go to Shamrock Oreo-style Chocolate Mint Cookies

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Easy St Patrick’s Day Bakes

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