Tropical Pineapple Coconut Cake Truffles With Leftovers

Tropical Pineapple Coconut Cake Truffles, are my easy recipe using leftovers. Leftover Christmas fruit cake, cookies & coconut. No need for buttercream frosting or cream cheese, these cake truffles, can be made from pantry staples. Make beautiful handmade Valentine’s, Christmas or birthday gifts and taste amazing. Pineapple And Coconut Cake Truffles Easy Cake Balls Using […]

Pineapple & Coconut Banana Bread

Pineapple & Coconut Banana Bread is my tropical version of well loved Banana Bread. February 23rd 2022 marks Banana Bread Day so I thought it fitting to reveal my new recipe with pineapple, citrus and coconut, transforming this well loved bake into a truly tropical experience!

Chocolate Coconut Scottish Shortbread

Using my Traditional Scottish Shortbread recipe, I developed this chocolate and coconut version, with just a hint of anise! Still with the same melt in the mouth texture, I have been told my shortbread is so much better than a certain popular brand you can buy! So if you love my shortbread recipe, the next experience is the Chocolate Coconut Scottish Shortbread.

Coconut Lover’s Recipes

Coconut Lover’s Recipes GO NUTS OVER COCONUT!! By Caro Here’s my tribute to coconut and it’s wonderful use in your bakes. Wonderful Desicatted/Shredded Coconut Coconut, coconut, nearly everyone loves coconut! And people who are not keen on nuts in their bakes, generally like coconut. For us bakers, desiccated coconut in the UK & shredded unsweetened […]

Lamingtons – Australia’s Light Coconut Sponge Cakes

LAMINGTONS Australia’s Light Coconut Sponge Cakes By Caro Lamingtons are Australia’s light, coconut Sponge cakes made from a Genoise sponge. Traditionally dipped in chocolate and then coated in coconut, raspberry jam is a popular alternative. Origins Of Lamingtons Lamingtons originated in Queensland, Australia, and were first published in Queensland Country Life newspaper in 1900. It’s […]

Coconut Paradise Slices

Coconut Paradise Slices By Caro Coconut Paradise Slices combine a shortbread-style base & a coconut sponge cake topping, sandwiching a yummy raspberry jam filling. Great traybake recipe What Are Coconut Paradise Slices? Coconut Paradise Slices is a great dessert as it combines a shortbread-style biscuit/cookie base and a coconut sponge cake, sandwiching yummy raspberry jam/jelly […]