Lemon Curd Oat Bars

Lemon Curd Oat Bars Softer Alternative To Flapjacks By Caro These Lemon Curd Oat Bars are my softer alternative to flapjacks (oat squares). Super easy to make, these squares/bars, can also be made using apricot jam or Gluten Free flour. *Original apricot recipe on old site September 2018. Updated photos & lemon curd added 22/05/22 […]

Mini Egg Gooey Brownies

Mini Egg Gooey Brownies By Caro Here’s my Easter & Spring version, of my popular brownies. Mini Egg Gooey Brownies, are perfect chocolate squares of delight, topped off with seasonal mini eggs. My Other Brownie Recipes This time the brownies are with mini Easter eggs added to them, but you can also check out my […]

Chocolate Appreciation – ‘Food Of The Gods’

This is my Chocolate Appreciation post, for reading a little about Chocolate & cocoa pods, and how we can use in our baking. Known as ‘Food of The Gods’, this universally loved ingredient is a must have for bakers. Chocolate Appreciation ‘Food Of The Gods’ EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE By Caro Our Love Of Chocolate Chocolate is […]

Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Day! Contrary to common believe, strawberries are not a summer fruit. With there being over 100 species and subspecies, as well as being in season at different times, in different cities and countries, they are in season longer than we think. So here’s some recipes using strawberries. Also includes some recipes by fellow food developers Sally Newton & Tanya Clark Ott, both of whom appeared on The Great American Baking SHow, Holiday Edition.

National Carrot Cake Day

CARROT CAKE DAY The Only Recipe You Will Ever Need By Caro It’s NATIONAL CARROT CAKE DAY! Easily a favourite bake in most households, but finding a perfect recipe is not so simple. Look no further – here’s my classic recipe for the layer cake with orange cream cheese frosting. So versatile, it can be […]

Nadiya Hussain’s Potato Rösti Quiche – Review

Read my review of Great British Bake Off (Great British Baking Show) winner Nadiya Hussain’s Potato Rösti Quiche. Her fusion of cheese quiche with potato Rösti from her newest book ‘Nadiya Bakes’ is a great option for those who find pastry crusts difficult to master. Read how I got on making this savoury bake.

Flour Free Chocolate Swiss/Jelly Roll

Flour Free Chocolate Swiss/Jelly Roll Gluten Free Too By Caro Using only eggs, sugar and a small amount of cocoa powder, you can have a chocolatey cake fix with my Flour Free Chocolate Swiss/Jelly Roll. Fill with whatever you have in the fridge or pantry. This is a great recipe for these times of flour […]

Gluten Free Carrot Bundt Cake

Try my Gluten Free Carrot Bundt Cake. It’s an adaptation of my classic carrot cake, and made in a bundt pan. Frosted beautifully with orange cream cheese frosting. Recipe in grams, cup & ounce measurements.