There are so many different ‘food days’ each year, and they even vary from country to country – some national and some world wide. For a list of all days applicable to use bakers, go to my list of ‘Food Days For Food Bloggers & Bakers 2021‘. Below are some of those food days and any recipes or reviews I have on that particular food or bake.


Here’s the only spinach bake I have at the moment. It’s a review of a savoury ‘cake’ I wrote a while back and have made since. Made from white cheese and spinach, this is ideal for breakfast or food on the go. 25th March 2021 this year.

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Lots of strawberry recipes, review & also some by baker friends Sally Newton & Tanya Clark Ott, both of whom appeared on The Great American Baking Show Holiday Addition 2019.

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Everyone’s favourite and a go-to bake, for millions during lockdowns worldwide, in 2020. Here’s my simple recipe, and I also have a Banana Bread Muffin recipe too!

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Another classic and favourite cake, is Carrot Cake. here’s my classic version, but with an orange cream cheese frosting. Make as a 2, 3 or 4 layer cake, muffins, bunt or mini bundt cakes and decorate how you wish. Also check out my tutorial on how to make fondant carrots, without a mould.

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