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Cheddar Cheese Appreciation Recipes

cheese snacks on a pale nblue background with cheddar cheese recipes title in blue.

Cheddar Cheese Appreciation Recipes

All Things Cheddar Cheese

By Caro

This is my post for Cheddar Cheese Appreciation.  One-stop article of cheesy and easy, cheese filled bakes!  Great for entertaining or just snacking.

Cheddar Lovers’ Day!

This page was inspired by Cheddar Lovers’ Day! Yes there’s such a thing! It happens on the 13th February 2022 and since I have a lot of bakes using cheddar cheese, I thought it ideal to group some recipes together in one place. You can of course search in the site for cheese, but more than cheddar cheese will come up.

Close shot of 2 pieces of cheddar filled Turkish Poĝaça roll.

Quicker Turkish Cheese Filled Rolls -Poğaça

These quicker Turkish cheese filled rolls – (Poğaça), are my version of this popular bake, still yeast-based, but using a slightly different technique to speed up the process.

Classic versions are filled with Turkish white cheese (peynir) and flat leaf parsley (maydanoz), but I also make my Scottish version, filled with Scottish extra mature (sharp) cheddar cheese and onion.

Poğaça – Turkish Cheese Filled Rolls

Angled wooden chopping board on white backdrop, with savoury seeed topped biscuits/cookies.

Turkish Cheese Biscuits/Cookies

(Peynirli Kurabiye)

Try my version of Turkish savoury biscuits, with cheese in the dough. These are perfect for pairing with your favourite cheese, but equally good snacked on alone.

Go to Turkish Cheese Biscuits

cheese pastry twists on a white rectangular plate on pale blue table with wine and whisky and glasses and dipps and party poppers.

Cheese Pastry Twists

Here’s my quick and simple recipe for making Cheese Pastry Twists, using shop-bought puff pastry. Filled with Extra Mature Cheese/Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese.

A perfect, quick bake, great for entertaining & sure to please your guests. No prior baking knowledge or experience required!

Go to Cheese Pastry Twist recipe

Cheese snacks in squares and roud shape on wooden board on pale blue background and whisky and glasses.

Easy Peasy Smokin’ Cheezee Squares

Here’s my quick to prepare savoury snack – Easy Peasy Smokin’ Cheezee Squares! Not quite pastry, not quite a cracker, these cheesy snacks are great for entertaining, gifting or nibbling on movie night. Made using extra mature/extra sharp cheddar cheese these are very addictive! Bonus spicy vrsion too.

Go to Easy Peasy Smokin’ Cheezee Squares

cheese swirls in a crescent shape on dark warm wood background, with basil and cpring onion slices following the shape.

Speedy Cheese Swirls

Speedy Cheese Swirls, are an easy, yeast-free cheesy snack, that’s ideal for entertaining. No prior baking experience or special ingredients or tools required.

Fill with cheddar cheese (mature/sharp is best), or even white cheese like Feta and some herbs or spring onions/scallions.

Go to Speedy Cheese Swirls

a Brititsh cheese scone, with a good rise, on top of a small white plate, on a black background, with a dark plate of scones behind.

Cheese Scones – Savoury British Scones

Here’s my savoury version of our British scones. With added mature/sharp cheddar cheese these are easily transformed into a quick savoury snack.

Learn all the tips for a successful rise!

Bonus Airfryer recipe too!

Go to Cheese Scones recipe.

Single cheese muffin, showing mozzarrella ouzing out, with title.

Easy Cheddar Cheese & Mozzarella Muffins

Cheddar & Mozzarella Muffins are a great savoury bake, that’s not only super simple to make but perfect for a light breakfast. A great ‘hand-foot’, suitable for a picnic too.

Use extra mature or extra sharp cheddar to give a great flavour and Mozzarella to give the ‘cheesy stretch’!

Go to Cheddar Cheese & Mozzarella Muffins

3 different quick pizzas, loaded veg and meat, pepperoni and cheese with basil whole pizza and slices of cheese and tomato on blue and grey plates on a wooden table wth slices of tomato, parsley and hot pepers.

90 Minute Cheese Pizza (White or Wholemeal Flour)

Here’s my popular pizza recipe, using the quicker method for working with yeast dough. It can be made with partly wholemeal flour, or 100% white flour & can be used to make thin or deep crust. Topped with home-made tomato sauce and of course mature/sharp cheddar. Add other toppings but don’t forget the cheddar for added flavour.

Go to 90 Minute Pizza recipe.

Tear & share cheese scones pilled hogh, up close, orange from cheese and baking.

Easy Tear-&-Share Cheese Scones

New to baking? Or not successful with British scones? Then try my easy, Tear-&-Share Cheese Scones. Full of flavour from the cheddar cheese, these are so easy kids can make them.

Go to Tear-&-Share Cheese Scones

triangle slice of cheese quick bread on a pale blue backdrop, with wooden board and rest of bread in the background.

30 Minute Yeast-free Cheesy Bread

Another recipe for new bakers, is my yeast-free, quick an easy, 30 minute cheesy bread. As easy as making a basic bake, this savoury treat is full of flavour from the mature/sharp cheddar, and perfect to accompany a meal.

Go to 30 Minute Yeast-free Cheesy Bread

More Cheddar Cheese Recipes/Reviews

Here are some recipe reviews, that use cheddar cheese too: Nadiya Hussain’s Potato Rösti Quiche – Review, and Paul Hollywood’s Savoury Biscuits -A Recipe Review.

Cheese Squares Video

Things To Go With The Cheese

Quicker Tear and share dinner rolls baked together in a round shape, with various seeds, on a black and white plate on a pink patterned tablecloth.

Quicker Tear-&-Share Dinner Rolls

Finally, here is somethings to go with your cheddar cheese and other favourite fillings. My quicker tear-&-share dinner rolls use a different technique in handling the yeast dough, making them quicker to make.

Go to Quicker Tear-&-Share Dinner Rolls

Below are some pics of more suggestions for great pairings with cheese. Savoury Turkish Cheese Biscuits (which you can have with cheese, or add some to the dough). Roasted Salted Smoked Paprika Almonds are great with cheese and drinks. Add some favourite seasonings and Roast Pumpkin Seeds. And finally, a quick cheesy puff pastry swirls recipe, that is originally made using Turkish white cheese (Peynir), but can also be made with any hard cheese that doesn’t leak out too much on baking. Check my Bread & Rolls page for more inspiration.

Flower shaped spicy cheesy squares version, close on baking sheet.

*Photo – spicy version of my Easy Peasy Smokin’ Cheezee Squares

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cheese pastry twists up extra close on pale blue back ground.

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Cheddar Cheese Recipes

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