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Last Minute Homemade Christmas Treats

Last Minute Homemade Christmas Treats

Ran out of time?  Been busy, and don't know where the time has gone, but you want to gift something homemade for the holidays?  Look no further than my list of simple recipes.  Some are no-bake (with no oven required), some go in the oven but are super quick to prepare.  Some are sweet, and some are savoury.  All things you can make on Christmas eve if need be.  

What To Wrap Them In?

You can use lots of different things to house your food gifts. Unused baskets, of various sizes. Gift boxes you might have already from something else. You can buy little cellophane clear bags for sweets/candy, but you are in a hurry right? So an alternative is to use a plastic piping bag! Then just tie with some ribbon or string, whatever you have on hand. You can wrap the homemade goodies in baking/parchment paper, & then some tissue paper or even Christmas paper & add a bow.

Be sure to add a label or note of what each bundle contains & if they need to be stored in the fridge, or in an airtight container. Also include details like if there are any nut ingredients, just to be safe.

I have also used foil trays at last minute too – the disposable kind you can get in different sizes and shapes for using in the oven. Just line with some baking/parchment paper, tissue paper or even a holiday napkin.

Handmade Gift Boxes

Here’s a link to Great British Bake Off (Great British Baking Show) winner Nancy Birtwhistle’s video of her handmade gift boxes. An advocate for recycling & saving the planet, Nancy makes these with used paper/cardboard and Christmas paper.

Go to Nancy Birtwhistle’s Handmade Gift Box Video

She has also shared her tip for making gift tags from recycled Christmas cards. You can attach them with just some tape, string or ribbon.

On to the recipes

Last Minute Homemade Christmas Treats

Cranberry Apricot Christmas Fruit Cake
Love fruit cake, not keen on marzipan or fondant? Then why not try this quicker fruit cake that is easy to make & uses dried cranberries and apricots. Can be made ahead and lasts at least 14 days so perfect for the busy festive period. (**print with/without process pics or notes)
Check out this recipe
Close square shot of front angled shot of a red tartin ribbon wrapped fruit and nut topped fruit cake, with pink napkins, crockery and Christmas decoration surrounding it.
Cranberry Orange Madeira Bundt Cake
Cranberry orange Madeira bundt cake is my twist on classic British bake Madeira cake. Synonymous with New Year in Scotland, this is a simple cake to bake, not too sweet, doesn't need any decorating so ideal for beginner bakers or gifting.
Check out this recipe
Cranberry Orange Madeira Cake Muffins
Cranberry orange Madeira cake muffins are my twist on classic British bake Madeira cake. Synonymous with New Year in Scotland, this is a simple muffin to bake, not too sweet, doesn't need any decorating so ideal for beginner bakers or gifting.
Check out this recipe
Ladies hand holding handle of small white cup with cranberry filled muffin and more to the background.

Speedy Mince Pie Swirls
Here’s a sweet version of my Speedy Cheese Swirls recipe. Speedy Mince Pie Swirls have the same minced fruit filling of your favourite mince pies, but can be made much easier and quicker too.
Check out this recipe
Speedy mince pie swirls - mince meat filled swirl shaped pastry & yeast free bake on a white plate.

Chocolate Coconut Scottish Shortbread
Using my Traditional Scottish Shortbread recipe, I developed this chocolate and coconut version, with just a hint of anise! Still with the same melt in the mouth texture, I have been told my shortbread is so much better than a certain popular brand you can buy!
Check out this recipe
Autumn/Fall biege shades and straw decorations, surrounding white plate on white bright table setting with coffeec ups, and plate of Scottish shortbread round cookies, half coated in chocolate and coconut.

Browned Butter Hazelnut Brownies
Here’s my new Chocolate brownie recipe, but this time, with browned butter & hazelnuts. With the same gooey texture, these Browned Butter Hazelnut Brownies are as addictive as my classic version.
Check out this recipe
Browned Butter hazelnut Brownies

Here's an easy no-bake recipe for food gifting this holiday season. Dip in your favourite chocolate or have plain, either way is delicious. Also known as Sponge Candy
Check out this recipe
Close shot of honeycomb or sponge candy half dipped in chocolate and stacked.

CHEESE PASTRY TWISTS – For Easy Entertaining
Here’s my quick & simple recipe for making Cheese Pastry Twists, using shop-bought puff pastry. A perfect, quick bake, great for entertaining & sure to please your guests.
Check out this recipe
Cheese pastry twists on a white rectangular plate on pale blue table with wine and whisky and glasses and dipps and party poppers.

Meringue Christmas Trees Review
Mrs D's review of Good Housekeeping's Meringue Christmas Tree recipe. Ideal for baking with the kids and gifting this holiday season.
Check out this recipe
Plate of fake wooden tree tray, with mint green coloured meringue trees, with sprinkles, on a red napkin and red candle to the background.
Madeira Cake is a classic British bake & also synonymous with New Year in Scotland. No Scottish New Year (or Hogmanay party), is complete without the addition of our Scottish shortbread and a slice of Madeira cake.  A very simple bake, and not too sweet, this cake is liked by all.
Check out this recipe
Overhead shot of a table with christmas decorations, and drinks and a black slate platter witha Madeira cake sliced.
Buttered Brazil Nuts
Buttered Brazils are whole Brazil nuts encased in smooth butterscotch. A firm favourite that is made to an original recipe in Scotland. They are ideal as a gift at any time of the year and easy to make.
Check out this recipe
Close shot of candt brazil nuts called Buttered Brazils,, some halved, on a wooden table with pink flowers.

Coconut Ice – The No-bake Quick Sweet Treat
Try Mrs D's popular no bake, quick sweet treat, that is vegan & ideal for food gifting anytime of the year.
Check out this recipe
pink and wite small cubes of coconut ice in a glass dish, on white tea-towel on pale blue backdrop, with some stacked high.

Egg And Butter-free Chocolate Cardamom Espresso Cupcakes
This is such a super simple & quick recipe & one you can whip up with whatever you have in. Very versatile, it can be used in different ways & made Vegan. dairy-free, egg-free & lactose free. A great base chocolate cake recipe, this time with cardamom giving just a hint of a ginger feel, pairing perfectly with an espresso buttercream.
Check out this recipe
Close shot of a black slate with chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream piped on top in various ways, with 3 forks to the back and yellow flower.
Tear-&-Share Cheese Scones – Air fryer or Oven
Easy Tear And Share Cheese Scones are your go-to recipe if you struggle with British Scones. Super simple to make even kids can make them & money saving when you make in the air fryer.
Overhead shot of a pink tile table with plate of round shaped tear-and-share cheese and herb topped scones,, pink crockery and a male hand reaching to grab and tear off a scone.
Air Fryer British Cheese Scones
Savoury cheese version of my popular British scones & made in the air fryer! Includes all the tips for a perfect rise to the scones that are perfect with your afternoon tea or as a snack.
Check out this recipe
Close shot of tall British cheese scone on pink vintage plate, with more to the background, pink napkin and butter dish to the background.

Close shot of a slice of golden fruit cake on it's side and served on white plate with fork.

SIMPLE FRUIT CAKE – No Hassle Boiled Fruit Cake For Afternoon Tea

This simple fruit cake, is perfect for an afternoon tea, and so easy to make. A popular classic British bake, it is enjoyed by all.

Go to Simple Fruit Cake Recipe

fresh cranberry filled muffin in case, placed inside a small white tea cup with more to the back.

Cranberry Orange Madeira Cake Muffins

Easy cranberry and orange Madeira cake muffins, with fresh cranberries, that do not need any decorating. Make perfect food gifts.

Also works great for mini bundt cakes.

Cranberry Orange Madeira Muffins

Close shot of a cranberry orange mini bundt cake showing strong red colour of fresh cranberries and muffins to the background.

Christmas Recipes


Try my take on British biscuit/cookie Jammy Dodgers. Themed as a Christmas recipe, they are filled with a firmer buttercr eam, perfect for a sandwich cookie.

Christmas Dodgers Cookies

Close shot of a plate with Scottish shortbread finger biscuits with a tartin ribbon and hand holding a whisky glass.


Trust me when I say this is an authentic Scottish Shortbread recipe, with the delicate melt in the mouth texture – I am a Scot after all.

Go to Traditional Scottish Shortbread



Try this traybake, a great way to use up mincemeat from other Christmas recipes, or as an alternative to mince pies. “Christmas In A Slice!”

Christmas Mincemeat Slice


Go to Gingerbread Cake recipe

Go to Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes


Try my Scottish Shortbread, this time flavoured with orange, and added nuts and cranberries. Not just pat of the Christmas recipes, these are a favourite year round.

Go to Orange Cranberry Nut Shortbread


This is my review of Anna Olson’s recipe for Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies.

I was on the hunt for a new gingerbread cookie, that would not only bake off soft, but stay that way, as well have a nice chewy texture. Read on to hear my thoughts on this recipe by Anna Olson.

Go to Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies recipe review

Orange buttercream filled chocolate sandwich cookies stacked and one in hand with a bit eout, showing texture.


Here’s  my ‘Oreo-style’ cookies, Chocolate & orange sandwich cookies, themed for any holiday and filled with an orange flavoured buttercream. Can be made with Gluten free flour too.

Go to my Chocolate & Orange Sandwich Cookies recipe.

Fondant Tutorials


Here’s my easy step-by-step photo tutorial on how to make this cute fondant penguin cake topper. Create a snow scene for your Christmas Cake this holiday season.

Go to Fondant Penguin Christmas Cake

Need a traditional recipe for a British Christmas Cake? Try this one used in the photo above, and in our Bake-together.

Go to Traditional British Christmas Cake

close parial front on shot of glass plate of brandy snap tubes with cream and strawberries pieces. and titled brandy snaps.

BRANDY SNAPS – A Recipe Review

Here’s a review of Mary Berry’s Brandy Snaps recipe. A British classic!

Go to review of Brandy Snaps

Very close shot of lots of deep red brown coloured almonds coated in smoked paprika.


Try this great savoury snack, that’s perfect for parties and even as giving out as gifts at Christmas.

Go to Roasted Smoked Paprika Almonds


Love cheese? Then these you will love too and so easy to make and great for nibbles and gifting.

Go to Smokin’ Cheeze Squares

Binus recipe, a spicy version!


Christmas Recipes

Bright shot with a Fall decorated table of ornaments and various small Fall shaped savoury cookies served.


Try these super simple, savoury snacks from Turkey. My take on a Tuzlu Kurabiye, it it literally translates as ‘salty biscuit’. These are perfect for pairing with your favourite cheese, but equally good snacked on alone. They are very moreish…. you won’t be disappointed.

Can also be made with different shaped cookie cutters for a theme.

Go to Savoury Biscuit recipe.

Or the cheese version below:


Overhead white table top shot of cake truffles in Christmas box and decorations and labels with title handmade Christmas gifts.

Tropical Cake Truffles

No bake recipe for these truffles using less-over fruit-cake and cookies and no need for cream-cheese or buttercream.

Cover in cocoa, coconut or chocolate and decorate for gifting.

Tropical Cake truffles

Pink plate with chocolate truffles and pink napkin.


Try my easy no-baking required, Chocolate Truffles. Includes how to easily make ganache and these perfect gifting treats.

Go to my Chocolate Truffles recipe

Photo of microwave chocolate fudge pieces with nuts and cranberries, in a small white reacup, with miniture Baileys Irish cream bottle to the side.


Easier, safer and quicker way to make chocolate fudge.

Go to Microwave Chocolate Fudge


New no-bake recipe, for honeycomb, that is ideal for food gifting this holiday season. Make with or without a chocolate coating.

Go to Honeycomb recipe.

PEANUT BRITTLE – Recipe Review

Read Mrs D’s review of this no-bake sweet treat, ideal for gifting.

Go to Peanut Brittle Review

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