Easy Jubilee Bakes

White dinning table with linen and tea and a berry covered cake served with title Queen's Jubilee Easy recipes.

Easy Jubilee Bakes

By Caro

Here are some super simple but very traditional, British bakes, that are all very fitting for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.  Try authentic recipes, just as they were developed and how we make them, here in the UK.  

Front shot of larger summer berry griestorte fruit covered cake on serving plate.

Why Use These Recipes?

What’s more fitting for celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee than making some authentic British bakes? Beware of other websites claiming to be providing ‘Traditional’ British recipes. The following recipes are as authentic and traditional as you can get and on most cases classics to my country.

Alternative Ingredients

That said, I am aware not all ingredients are easily available in other countries and where possible I will provide suitable alternatives.

SLice of Summer berry covered layer cake served with tea behind.

Grams, Ounces & Cups Measurements

All my recipes (and reviews of other recipes), include ingredient measurements in grams, ounces & cups as standard. I also always include the alternative names ingredients might be known by.

Accurate Conversions

Note also that all my conversions are hand measured by myself. This is because Google can be both inaccurate and inconsistent. So I personally hand measured ingredients used in my recipe testing phase. From that I was able to produce a Baking Conversions Table of most commonly used baking ingredients.

(Go to Summer Berry Griestorte/Genoise cake)

Step-by-Step Instructions

If you know my recipes or my site, you know I am a strong advocate of thoroughly explained and detailed recipes. I believe in writing step-by-step instructions so that baking is achievable for anyone. And I do that by explaining the key baking terminology used in recipes, as well as demonstrating the stages with process photos.

Slice of vanilla Victoria sandwich with cream and jam inbetween.

Victoria Sandwich Cake

One of the most well-known British cakes is a Victoria Sandwich Cake. Also known as a Victoria Sponge Cake, this is said to have originated when Anne Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, introduced Queen Victoria to the cake when she regularly invited her for afternoon tea & cakes. Afternoon tea then became very popular among the upper class and this light airy sponge cake, having been approved by Queen Victoria herself, became known as a Victoria Sponge Cake.

Raspberry Victoria sandwich layer cake with berries on top, served with china tea service and named.

This light layer cake, with an open texture, is traditionally filled with raspberry jam & whipped cream, and topped simply with icing/powdered sugar. In more modern times, buttercream has been used as a filling, as well as on top, with the addition of lots of fresh berries such as strawberries and raspberries.

Try my recipe that includes all the hints and tips to make your sponge rise tall. As well as the option to add raspberry jam to the batter, to make a little more special. (See Diana’s pic above). Or try my Chocolate Victoria Sandwich recipe.

Go to Victoria Sandwich Cake recipe

British scone witha good rise, split in half and fille dwith jam and cream.

Classic British Scones

Perfect for Afternoon Tea, British Scones are something else that has been around for a very long time. Having extensively tested and worked on my scones recipes, I developed a recipe and Scone video tutorial including all the tips to achieve what I call the classic ‘rise & split structure’, that many struggle to achieve.

Try my recipe that was used in a world-wide Facebook group bake-along. Or one of my other versions – Spiced Cranberry Scones or savoury version Cheese Scones.

Go to Classic British Scones recipe

Or watch my almost real-time Scone Video Tutorial.

Go to article on Cream Tea and how to have your own at home.

Raisin scones sliced with home made lemon curd served with coffee.

What To Serve With Scones?

Jam – this is classic to our scones and any kind you like. Why not try my Plum Jam recipe for home made jam? (Or use any other fruit, or frozen fruit).

Cream – the classic to pair with the jam is whipped cream or clotted cream. Use Double/Heavy/whipped cream.

Lemon Curd – a lovely alternative to jam is lemon curd. Here’s how to make Home Made Lemon Curd.

Butter – some people like some butter on their scones, and some like butter along with the jam and cream.

Kids also like them with chocolate spread.

Close partial shot of plated shortbread triangle biscuits with red tartan ribbon.

Scottish Shortbread By A Scot

Another recipe close to my heart is Scottish Shortbread. This reminds me of Hogmanay (New year’s eve) and nothing can beat the home made version. Much more tender than other shortbread, the use of corn flour (corn starch), give it it’s amazing ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture.

Try my popular classic version of the recipe, or one of my new versions – Cranberry Orange Scottish Shortbread or my latest recipe, Chocolate & Coconut Scottish Shortbread.

Go to Scottish Shortbread recipe.

Overhead shot of a carrot cake baked in a budt pan with cream cheese frosting down the groves and set on a dinning table with titel.

Classic Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is loved by most people in Britain, not just because it’s a super simple cake to make, but because it tastes great and isn’t too heavy.

Paired beautifully with an orange flavoured cream cheese frosting, it doesn’t need much decoration or even prior baking skills or knowledge.

Mini carrot bundt cakes decorated and on a cooling rack.

My recipe doesn’t include nuts in the batter, but you can add as decoration in case there’s anyone who isn’t keen on nuts.

Check out my Carrot Cake page, where you will find the various ways to make the cake. These include the 3 or 4 layer cake, cupcakes, as a bundt cake, as a traybake (squares/cake bars), as mini bundt cakes or even a gluten free version.

Go to Carrot Cake Day Recipes

close font on angled shot of a fancy lemon poppy seed drizzle bundt cake with icing down the groves, and the tin to the background.

Lemon Drizzle Cake With Poppy Seeds

My lemon drizzle is also a very popular classic bake and the added touch of poppy seeds provides an unexpected ‘pop’ to the cake. Make using my Lemon Drizzle Poppy Seed Bundt Cake, or the Mini Lemon Drizzle Bundt Cakes. Or even Lemon Drizzle Cupcakes.

Collage of mini gingerbread bundt cakes anda slic eof regular cake style.

Gingerbread Cake

Gingerbread cake is a simple classic in British baking. Its unique taste comes from the Golden Syrup & Black Treacle. Read my recipes, showing the differences if you use substitutes.

Also includes where to buy these British ingredients.

Go to Gingerbread Cake, or try my Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes.

Boiled fruit cake on a glass cake stand and one slice served, with china tea and flowers.

Boiled Fruit Cake

This recipe used by my friend Diana, is a trending recipe on Google. Such a traditional bake, this is a simple cake to make. We bill as a “No Hassle Boiled Fruit Cake For Afternoon Tea“.

Collage of chocolate Swiss roll filled with cream and jam, and one filled with chocolate buttercream & a yule log.

Swiss Rolls (Jelly Rolls)

Let me teach you how to successfully make a flour-free chocolate roll cake (so Gluten free too). Fill with jam and cream or use the chocolate orange buttercream filling like in my Yule Log. Detailed instructions & video tutorial

Go to Flour Free Chocolate Swiss Roll

Go to Chocolate & Orange Yule Log

Cardamon chocolate cupcakes with various piped buttercream, on a black slate, with cake forks and yellow flower.

Cupcakes & Muffins

Easy cupcakes in different flavours – pictured are my egg & butter free chocolate cardamon cupcakes with an espresso buttercream topping. (These can be made Vegan, lactose or dairy free).

Go to Chocolate Cardamom Espresso Butter Cream Cupcakes.

Or how about Beginner Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes? Lemon Drizzle Cupcakes, Healthier Banana Bread Muffins or Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins?

Egg free chocolate layer cake with piped cream and berries on top .

Easy 1 Bowl Chocolate Layer Cake

Like the chocolate cupcakes above, this simple layer cake is egg & butter free and can be made Vegan, lactose or dairy free successfully. Use any jam or fresh fruit you like, for this quick recipe.

Go to Egg & Butter Free Chocolate Layer Cake

Or a simple but tropical version of Banana Bread?

Summer Meringue Challenge

Crown Layered Pavlova, Mini Pavlova Nest & Various Fillings

Learn how to make meringues and your own fillings such as lemon curd & Créme Pâtissiére.

Go to Meringue Challenge

Individual Chocolate Tarts

Here’s my thoroughly indulgent, individual chocolate tarts, using shortcrust pastry. My sweet shortcrust recipe is all you need to know to be successful with pastry.

Go to Individual Chocolate Tarts

Or why not make a Lemon Meringue Pie or easy Apple Blueberry Salted Caramel Filo Nests?

Close shot of 3 small strawberry mousses.

Cheats Strawberry Mousse

No-bake & easy recipe, perfect for using gorgeous berries & no need to mess about with gelatine. Can be made vegetarian too.

Go to Cheats Strawberry Mousse

Round plate of puff pastry swirls on a dining table.

Savoury Bakes & Snacks

Lots of easy savoury bakes and snacks on the party page.

Quick cheese puff pastry recipes, smoked paprika cheesy squares, savoury roasted almonds, biscuits for cheese & more.

Go to New year & Party Recipes

Overhead shot of smoked paprika almonds in a large bowl, with whisky and yellow flower to side.

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Easy Jubilee Bakes

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