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Recipes To Make When GBBO Is On

Here you will find my own recipes as suggestions to try if you want to bake what the bakers in the tent did – but with no time constraints! And with thorough instructions too.

Recipes To Make & Enjoy When Watching Bake Off

New Series For 2023

Since we have been told there will not be any ‘country’ themes this year and a return to mor classic British baking, here are some ideas for you. Cakes such as Victoria Sandwich, Madeira Cake, Swiss Rolls, Gingerbread Cake, or British Boiled Fruit Cake. Check the Cake Page for more ideas.

Other classics include traditional Scones, where you can pick from 4 recipes. Biscuits such as Chocolate Digestives or Jammy Dodgers. Lots of pastry lessons & recipes, but don’t forget the Creme Pat (Pastry Cream), Salted Caramel Sauce Blueberry Orange Curd or Chocolate Ganache to finish off your creations.

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2022 Series 13

Large Chocolate ganache filled pastry tart with raspberries on top and powdered sugar and title.

Week 9 – Patisserie Week.

The semi-final saw the remaining 4 bakers (Syabira, Abdul, Janusz & Sandro) face Patisserie Week.  The signature challenge was a batch of six identical mini Charlottes.

The Technical challenge was for four identical chocolate, hazelnut & raspberry vertical tarts! (yes vertical).  And finally, the showstopper was to construct a multi-tier Swedish Kraken.

To help with the Lady Fingers in the Charlottes,  (an egg-based sponge with no added leavenings), read my tutorial on whisking egg yolks & sugar to the ribbon/trail stage first, or the video below.    There is also a video on whisking egg whites that will help, as you don’t want tough Lady Fingers! 

As well as the pastry recipes below in Pastry Week, check my review of Michel Roux’s Raspberry & Chocolate Tart, that uses a Pâte Sucrée pastry crust.  Or an old video of making Broccoli & Cheese Tart using Pâte Brisée pastry

Or brush up your skills for the fillings,with some lemon curd, Creme Pat or Pastry Cream, Salted Caramel Sauce,  or Chocolate Ganache.

4 photo collage of uncooked pie dough in a tin, a fancy rhubarb pie, lemon meringue pie & mini chocolate tart.

Week 8 – Pastry Week

This week the remaining 5 bakers in the quarter-final, (Syabira, Abdul, Maxy, Janusz & Sandro), were tasked with making sweet Vol-Au-Vents in the signature, spring rolls in the technical & a 3D pie scene inspired by their favourite childhood story or nursery rhyme, for their showstopper.

From beginners’ pastry in my Sweet Shortcrust Pastry 101 Tutorial, to impressive Rhubarb Pie With A Twist, I have all the recipes you could need for joining in with Pastry Week on GBBO.   

Collage of easier pastry with sweet & savoury swirl shaped pastry & cheese twists.

Try my Individual chocolate tarts,   Review of Michele Roux Chocolate Raspberry Tart , an in depth Lemon Meringue Pie Tutorial, or  Mini Mince Pies for Christmas gifts. 

Easier/Quicker Pastry Recipes

Not great with pastry? Or want a quicker pastry recipe?  Check out my alternative pastry in Speedy Mince Pie Swirls  or Speedy Cheese Swirls.    Or try my popular Quick Cheese Puff Swirls,  or Cheese Pastry Twists For Easy Entertaining, both using ready-made puff pastry, or  Apple, Blueberry & Salted Caramel Filo Nests

Overhead shot of table with plates of pizza sliced and titled - For bread week on GBBO 90 Minute Pizza.

Week 3 – Break Week

Week 1 & Week 2 were Cake & Biscuit week like previous years, so scroll down to see those in the 2021 recipes. Now we are on to Week 3 – Bread Week. Here is my 90 Minute Yeast Pizza that you can try, as putting your own stamp on a classic pizza, is the signature for 2022. Alternatively, check out my Bread & Yeast-based Recipes Page.


Week 10 – The Final

Well they made 2 bakes close to my heart this year – carrot cake and Belgian Buns. I have been working on a citrus version of the buns that I hope to finalise soon. My very popular Carrot Cake recipe is online though, and I was told that they would have had no problem on the show if they had used my cake!! So here’s the recipe, that is super simple.

Classic Carrot Cake With Orange Cream Cheese Filling


While we wait to see what they bake for Patisserie Week, here’s some of my recipes. My Creme Patisserie video, also known as Creme Pat or Pastry Cream. Also add cream to make Creme Diplomat. Or Salted Caramel Sauce, which I also have a video tutorial on. Easy Chocolate Ganache and Whipped Ganache, or yummy cream and fruit filled Griestorte cake. See also the pastries below in Pastry Week.


Here’s some Gluten free/wheat free recipes to try. Or how about yeast-free 30 Minute Cheesy Bread? Or butter-free egg-free Vegan adaptable 1 Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes/Layer Cake?

Collage of chocolate Swiss roll filled with cream and jam, and one filled with chocolate buttercream & a yule log.
Gluten Free Flour Free Chocolate Swiss Roll, or Chocolate Orange Yule Log


Pastry recipe for beginners to try, as well as some fillings for those pastries, like Creme Pat, salted caramel sauce & chocolate ganache. Or why not try the individual chocolate tarts, see below. Recipe review of Chocolate Rasperry Tart by Michele Roux. Easy Apple Blueberry & Salted Caramel Filo Nests.


Hard to give recipes for German Week, but here are some based on what they made on the show. Traditional Scottish Shortbread or my Summerberry Griestorte.


Try some of my recipes after reading all you need to know for success with caramel sauce. Includes a Caramel Video Tutorial. Go to Apple Blueberry Filo Nests. Or why not try simple Buttered Brazil Nuts, covered in a butterscotch coating?


Try some Pavlova recipes, Genoise/Griestorte Cake or try a patterned sponge cake. Or look for more dessert recipes.



Biscuits as in cookies, not US biscuits!

Week 1 – CAKE WEEK

Recipes To Make When GBBO Is On

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What To Make When GBBO Is On

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